Monday, March 13, 2017

5 things I still do the old fashioned way -- and why

1. I write checks.. I write checks for most bills I pay and I love it! I remember being young and always wanting a checking account and begging my dad to let me fill out the check at the grocery store. When I got my first job at 15 I was finally allowed to get a checking account and I was certain that I had made it. That the ability to write checks instantly made me cool, mature, and date-able. Spoiler: it was none of those things. It was especially NOT cool when my dad (who had access to my account because remember I was only FIFTEEN) told me I should probably stop writing stuff like "Crap" in the memo line. But anyway. I still use checks and I love them and I hope they never go away. (Stupid E-pay.)

2. I pay bills by mail. I have some bills come out of my bank account automatically (Netflix, car insurance) but most of them I'll actually mail in using the USPS and A STAMP. Do you remember what stamps are? They're sticky and $.49 but I would rather spend $.49 to mail a bill than to have to remember yet ANOTHER log in password to be able to pay online. Just no. I don't want to do that. Plus I still have lots of stamps left over from that wedding I had.

3.I only listen to CDs in the car. The only iPod I've ever owned was a shuffle that my aunt gave me almost 10 years ago, and while it still works, I haven't added any songs onto it in 5+ years and plus I like to be able to know exactly what song I'm going to listen to. So, I buy CDs. And I'm not apologizing for it. And yes, I have thought about condensing everything to my phone so I can just have everything there, but I need a way bigger storage plan for that. So for now just expect to see me driving down the road bustin a move to Ed Sheeran on CD.

4. I don't use a Keurig (at home). I really feel like the little pods are WAY more expensive than a giant tub of coffee, and something about an actual coffee pot is super nostalgic to me and I don't want to get rid of that feeling. We have a Keurig at work, so I use one there, but at home I'm Team No Keurig.

5. Use a pen and paper instead of the notes app on my phone. I like actually writing things down. Plus, I make too many typos on my phone and if I'm typing while I'm lying down I tend to drop it on my face. It's also easier to go back and read if I have something tangible and I can read and turn a page and read and turn. Just something I like.


  1. I listen to CDs exclusively :) AND keep a pen/paper list at all times ... but i do have a keurig at home ...

  2. I've got ya on the lists on paper. I hate electronic planners and notes.

  3. I love writing checks and I thought the same thing when I was 15 and got my checking account. I also love buying stamps and suing them. However, I use my iTunes in my car and rarely listen to cds.

  4. I much prefer writing things down than trying to write notes on my phone. I also still use a paper planner and I'm actually kind of happy that they're totally in fashion again because it gives me more choices even though I never stopped using them.

  5. I used to use the calendar app on my phone, and then I realized I couldn't stand it and started buying paper planners. The little dot showing up on my iPhone calendar was just not helpful to me. I like being able to look in my planner and actually see what is coming up. Plus, I color code things so I have fun pens!
    I also still have CDs in my car. I don't listen to them exclusively, but they're there. :)