Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beauty rules you should always follow

1. HANDS OFF! Don't touch your face, period. I'm convinced that making this change is what helped my constant chin acne. You might not think you touch your face very often, but if you really started paying attention to how often you actually do, you'd probably be pretty surprised. And think about how dirty your hands really are. Sure you probably wash them after a trip to the bathroom and you probably usually even use soap, but what about everything you're touching in between? Doorknobs, car handles, other people's hands, your computer, and worst of all: your phone. All of those things have so much bacteria on them and you're just going around running it all over your face. No wonder your pores are so mad at you!
2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Yes, drink your water, but also MOISTURIZER. Morning and night. You may think you don't need to moisturizer if you skin is naturally oily, but you're wrong. Moisturizing will actually help others that. Do some research to find out what the best moisturizer is for you.
3. Stand up straight. Having good poster helps you look more confident, it makes you appear taller and more slender, and the most important reason is that it keeps you out of pain. I'm a notorious slouched but on days when I work hard to improve my posture I notice a difference in how much neck or back pain I experience. 
4. Start with less. When you're applying your makeup, start slowly. It's easier to add more eyeshadow or eyebrow pencil/gel than it is to remove it! Put on the minimum and if you need more, go for it. 
5. Don't pick at your cuticles or hangnails. This is probably my worst habit and I've never actually kicked it. My cuticles are awful and I always notice other people's cuticles, too. And I've learned you can tell who picks at their cuticles and who has self control and therefore beautiful fingernails.
6. Moisturize and exfoliate your feet. I fee like feet are often forgotten because (at least where I live and work) we are wearing tennis shoes 90% of the time. But in the summer you don't want to be baring soles that look like they need to have a chainsaw taken to them. Just some moisturizer after a shower will help a lot. Trust me. Ive been there. 

7. Don't wear clothes you aren't comfortable in. Can't walk in those shoes? Fine, don't. Nobody is making you. Those jeans are too tight? Take them off. You'll be miserable of you try to wear them. Hate berets but think they're cute on other people? Leave them on other people. Wear what makes you happy and don't wear something that makes people pity you for how uncomfortable you must be. 
8. Prime your f ace! Makeup primers are the best inventions ever. There are dozens (maybe more) to choose from and they range from $6 (maybe less idk)- like $1,500 (probably, I don't really know, I don't shop at places that have products that cost that much.)
9. Wash your face! Do not, I repeat DO NOT go to sleep with your makeup on. You wouldn't go to sleep holding a dirty toilet scrubber on your face would you? No. So why would you go to sleep with makeup on? It's the same exact thing. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

28 things for my 28th birthday


Let's party.
I'm not a huge fan of birthdays. It's not so much the getting older (although I do hate that there's no way around the fact that I'm in my late twenties), it's more the fact that they're so so so built up and bring with them so many feelings of nostalgia and it's mostly the fact that I hate opening gifts and cards in front of people. I'm not the only one who feels like that, right?

So today I'm just going to share twenty-eight things about myself that you might not* know about me.

*But you probably do know them all because I don't have a filter.

1. MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT. I've known this was going to happen for quite a while but have remained tight-lipped, which has been one of the most difficult things I've ever done. And this really doesn't have anything to do with me but I just had to share it.

2. My favorite food is sandwiches.

3. I have a secret desire to be a beauty blogger and film makeup and hair tutorials. Sometimes I film tutorials in my bathroom but then I watch them back and realize they're terrible and I'm not good on video and I delete them.

4. I did my own hair and makeup for my wedding.

5. I've never broken a bone.

6. But I've had over 40 stitches in my body.

7. When I was in middle school I wrote a list of rules "for raising your teenage daughter." One of the rules was to buy her a car when she turns 16, "but not something super expensive, just like a Toyota or something."

8. My toes are slightly slightly slightly webbed.

9. My most common dreams are of my teeth falling out.

10. Marrying Keith was literally a dream come true. If I showed you my journals from the years we weren't dating you would probably be super creeped out.

11. I'm probably the least organized person you've ever met.

12. You know those people who say they just loooooove being busy? I am not one of those people. I looooove NOT being busy.

13. I hate the "words" "lurve" and "Fri-yay."

14. I once at 36 popsicles in a single sitting.

15. I almost always swallow my gum.

16. Most of these facts are about food.

17. I once asked Keith if he would pay for me to get lipsosuction on my knees.

18. He said yes, but only if I got it done in Mexico.

19. I often have very real feelings of sadness that my house is nowhere near pretty enough to be considered "Pinterest worthy."

20. I've always wanted to pierce somebody's ears like Lindsay Lohan did in The Parent Trap.

21. I deeply regret that we didn't have a videographer at our wedding.

22. If you send me a text, chances are I looked at it, thought of a reply, and forgot to actually reply for like, 3 days.

23. "Dad jokes" always make me laugh. One of my favorite is: "Why is milk the fastest drink?" "Because it's pasteurized before you drink it!"

24. Growing up I always wanted to live in a place where it snowed and in a house with stairs. Now I have both of those things and I've realized what an idiot I was when I was a child.

25. After my sister had a C-section I watched C-section videos on YouTube. Because of that I'm scarred for life, and it's a combined fear of what I saw in the video and the thought of a giant needle being shoved into my spine that make me what to have as natural a birth as possible whenever the time comes. I've also realized I wasn't just an idiot when I was a child...

26. When I was 14 I got a really bad case of pink eye which resulted in me having eye infections for an entire year and having to regularly use eye drops as well as go to the eye doctor. For this reason eye stuff really doesn't gross me out. Because of those infections I have scars on my corneas and can only wear daily contact lenses, which gets expensive. For that reason I regularly sleep in my contacts, but then I started hearing stories of people whose contacts got fused to their eyeballs and now I'm terrified.

27. I consider myself extremely blessed that I married into a family which made me feel welcome from the very second Keith and I began dating.

28. I also consider myself extremely blessed by the rest of my family and friends. I feel so loved not only on my birthday, but every day and I am so thankful for you all.

Monday, June 6, 2016

So, when are you going to have a baby?

For me, the first time it happened was less than 24 hours after Keith proposed. I've heard it inevitably happens sooner or later, but never not at all. It always happens, because people just can't help it. The hard part is knowing what to say.

"So, when are you going to have a baby?"

People excitedly and inevitably as this, and they will ask this until you're pregnant. And then, they'll ask you about a second. And a third. And if you're going to go back to work, or cloth diaper, or homeschool, or every other question on the planet until they're blue in the face.

At first, I'd be excited to talk about it and discuss the future, even with strangers. It wasn't a big deal to me. But after a while I just started giving a standard answer: "Oh, we're going to wait a few years. We want to travel first and just enjoy each other." That's usually met with a nod of understanding and a quip about how "it's so good to wait and really get to know each other." And I'm not lying when I say we want to wait so we can travel; that's really true. We have travel plans, and we have other reasons for wanting to wait a few years.

Of course, I've had a few people tell me about their second cousin's neighbor who waited about 5 minutes before having kids and now they've been married for eleventy-seven years and have thirty-twelve children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren and they couldn't imagine life to be any different. And I'm not lying when I say we want to wait so we can travel; that's really true. We have travel plans, and we have other re

Good for them, I think, but I don't say it. I just nod and smile and change the subject, because there's no point in continuing the conversation. People really just want to hear your answer so they can't say what they've been thinking about. It really doesn't bother me much when people ask about babies. I know it's just normal and nobody is trying to be insensitive or lessen my value as a woman byt reminding me that I don't have any kids and by the way your life means nothing until your uterus pops out a tiny human. 

No, they don't mean it like that.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted children. I never wanted to have a career outside of the home, and that's part of the reason why I didn't really mind leaving my job and moving 229 miles away to be near Keith. We had a plan, and we still have a plan, and it just involves time and patience [for me].

We both want kids and we know that in the future we will have them. I mean hello, we (I) bought a high chair a few weeks ago! But we're not naive enough to believe that life will go exactly according to plan. Obviously there's truth to the phrase, "Write your plans in pencil." I know that in a few years when we decide we're as ready as we'll ever be, there could be problems. That's just life. And I have to accept it.

So for now, I'm praying for peace, contentment, and patience. Even though I desperately want to be a mother, I don't want that to be where I find my joy or my worth. I don't want to be constantly thinking about "a few years from now" when our family grows by something other than four legged animals. I don't want to wish away the now, because I know when the future I've wished for gets here, I'll get nostalgic about what has passed.

So, if you ask me about babies, now you know what I'm really thinking when I say, "In a few years. We want to travel first."

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Life, lately

Hello, internet. Nice to see you today. Things around here haven't been anything extraordinary lately, but still rich and full and fun and wonderful. Although now that it's summer and regular TV shows have ended until fall (I'm looking at you, Grey's and Blindspot and Better Call Saul) I'm hoping to be able to spend more time here, in this space. Although, The Bachelorette did just start up again and Keith and I have to keep an eye on our brackets (they were all his idea, I swear) so you never know.

Lately, here's what we've been up to.

//We bought a high chair. Well, I bought a high chair. Memorial Day weekend is a major garage sale holiday so we scored some good deals, but my absolutely favorite is this wooden high chair that I snagged for only $20. No, this is not an announcement, it's just getting ready for the future. Plus, it's just really really cute and I'm obsessed with it.

//Keith turned 29, and he let me take him to see the new X-Men movie. I enjoyed this movie, thankfully. I liked it more than the recent Captain America movie. It's basically Jennifer Lawrence becoming a part of Blue Man Group with a special appearance by a very rugged Jean Valjean. Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend also makes an appearance in an outfit that looks highly impractical for her line of work. Also Robby from Atonement is in a wheelchair.

//ANTS. We have the giant carpenter ants outside (pictured) and I'm worried they're like termites and they're going to make our wooden driveway collapse. Their weaker smaller cousins are currently infesting our kitchen and do you know what is worse than ants? Nothing. Nothing at all.

//Baby Kate loves being a big sister.

//Speaking of Baby Kate, my sister is selling some of her old clothes on Instagram! (@raising_daughtersshop) My sister keeps everything in amazing condition, and most of these clothes were only worn a handful of time, at the most. You're welcome in advance.

//General Patton is still the star of my Snapchat (@notthatjuliet), and he's still adorable.

//We are going to Iowa this month! Keith's grandparents live out there, so we are traveling to see them with his parents. I'm really looking forward to spending time with them, but not to braving the heat and humidity. I'm going to be a bucket of sweat the whole time we're there.

That's all. Thank you for reading goodbye.