Monday, September 12, 2016

Ten things that are gross

"Ten things that are gross"

presented with throwback pictures of Baby Kate.
and also some gifs.

1. Handkerchiefs. First of all, I had no idea there was a "d" in this word. Second of all, how are people still using these?? I don't mean the cute little pocket squares that hipsters wear, I mean the flimsy piece of white fabric that too man men use to store snot in their pockets. Men literally take the handkerchief out of their pockets, blow some snot into it, and then stuff it back in their pockets. And then do the same thing like 15 minutes later. And then they hand them to women to dry their tears.

2. Pinpads anywhere. At the ATM, at the grocery store, at Target, at IKEA... those are little germ circuses just waiting for your sweaty little fingers to happen upon them. Think of all the fingers that were literally just in a snot pocket that then touched that keypad!

3. Hats. Hats are gross. They go on your gross dirty hair and your gross dirty hairline and get all sweaty and disgusting and you know you never wash them. EVER.

4. Bowling shoes.

5. The seats at movie theaters. I've never worked at a movie theater but I would bet $7 that the seats never get disinfected. And you're putting your HEAD on those seats.

6. The butts of all your pants. Think of all the gross surfaces your butt touches! MOVIE THEATER SEATS. Chairs at your germ infested doctor's office. Seats on public transportation.

7. Any clothes on a clothes rack at a store. You do NOT know who tried those skinny jeans on before you. You do NOT know whose feet were just in those sandals. You do NOT know who just tried on that same hat. THESE THINGS ARE SO GROSS.

8. Any Redbox. I hate going to Redbox because you can see where allllllll the other fingers have been... and it's gross. You also don't know whose house that cheap movie was just in. There could be drugs or bodily fluids on that movie case!

9. The trays at restaurants. You know how at fast food places they usually give you a tray to carry your food? Those trays are gross. When I worked at a certain sandwich place in high school we didn't wash the trays unless there was something really gross on them. We usually just wiped them off with a dirty rag and then gave them to other people to put their food on.

10. Fresh produce at a grocery store. I am begging you, PLEASE do not buy produce and then eat it instantly. Do you know how many times I've picked up an apple, squeezed it to see if it was ripe, and then put it back? Uh, like, a billion. PEOPLE ARE TOUCHING YOUR FOOD WITH THE HANDS THEY JUST USED TO BLOW THEIR NOSES.

You're welcome. Sorry if you just threw up. Here, I'll give you a hankie.


  1. OMG THIS POST SCARES ME. Can I ever leave my house again? #beingserious #afraid

  2. The produce one gets me every time. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! There is only one Del Taco I know of that actually cleans those trays every single time and sadly it is in Barstow of all places.

  3. I hadn't thought of half of these, now I'm going to be grossed out everywhere I go, thank you!

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