Sunday, January 17, 2016

Thoughts from my phone when I really should be sleeping

Are you aware that blogging from your phone isn't very easy? We'll see how long this lasts. I already typed "bloodying" instead of "blogging" so you'd think things can only go up from here, right! Let's find out together; I don't like being alone. 

That's a lie, actually. I have no problem being alone. It's just that I also really like being with one person in particular, and I like it so much I decided to marry him and share a bed with him. Do you know what's not the most fun thing ever? Sharing a bed with a man and two dogs. There's hardly any room for me and if I dare to suggest the the dogs need to move he's like, "but they're so cute and cozy!" I usually mumble something to the effect of, "yeah well if you don't lock them off and let me go back to sleep you're going to have three bitches to deal with today."


Next let's discuss whatever is happening with my finger. You may remember that on 2004 I smashed it though a window and there was blood and surgery and I lost almost an inch of tendon which has resulting in me having a slightly disfigured right hand. Anyway, Saturday I noticed it was itchy and starting to swell. Saturday night and Sunday evening the itching was nearly unbearable. And now this is what it looks like:

Do you see the swollen mess that is my finger!? I actually thing these pictures look like pictures of carrots that grow at inappropriate angles but I think I'm the only one who sees that. But I can't remember hitting my hand on anything or getting stung or bitten, so it's all a mystery that I'm hoping my boss doctor can solve for me tomorrow because I cannot live with this itching. I would rather step on one thousand tiny Legos.

Next, let's talk about my sister, Baby Kate's mom. Some people say we look alike and I kind of see it, sort of, sometimes. 

Obviously her hair is way curlier but what do you think! Could we play ourselves in a movie about our life? If we were trying to get through border control in canadia and our story was that we were sisters, would they believe us?

She's going to be a big sister in less than two months!!! I can't remember if I've told on the blog if it's a boy or a girl. Have I? Do you even care? Katelynne doesn't care at all. Seriously, you ask her about the baby and she goes and finds a rain puddle to splash in and it's pretty adorable. 

Oh did I leave you hanging?
Too bad.

I got to have a lot of family time this weekend and it was wonderful. As you know, my grandma celebrated her 100th birthday and we had a big party. She had a good time, except she couldn't hear much. We even had a microphone but she could hardly hear. I told her this is why she needs hearing aids and she said "BUT I AM NOT DEAF." Ok grandma, ok. I still love you. 

That's all because I'm feeling that loopy kind of tired where anything could happen and you can't be held responsible for the secrets that you spill. I will tell you ONE thing, since I'm nice.



  1. I like this kind of blogging, even if it was difficult from your phone. Congrats to your sister! I don't think you guys really look alike, but not different enough that you can't say you're sisters. I really hope you get your finger fixed soon because that sounds like it's obnoxious.

  2. Ugh, blogging from the phone is the pits, I hate it when I have to do it, blah.

    Yes, you and your sister look alike!

  3. Blogging from the iPad is the same way! I hate it. I might hate it less if I had one of those keyboard things attached too it. Hope you find out whats up with your finger soon! So weird! Congrats on the new niece! :)

  4. I hope you find out why your finger is swollen and itchy. Maybe it's syphilis.

  5. Favorite. post. EVER.

    You need to get your finger figured out asap lol wtf My guess, a bite or a rash. Go google it, I'm sure the results will be calming. ;)

    I meant to comment on your post about your Grandma, but I love her. So sweet that you still have that relationship!!! <3

  6. Yay for more girls!! I mean we do rule! And yes you and her look alike, especially the eyes and smile.

  7. From the nose down you two look alike! Your wit and humor make these posts fun :)

  8. So. Does does she have a name yet?

  9. BABY KATE IS GIVING ME BABY FEVER. What is Baby Kate's new sister's name??