Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Was I a good Zoltar last year?

Excuse me, but what even is a blog? I don't know anymore. How annoying do you guys think it is when somebody write a post that says, "I'm soooo sorry I've been gone from my blog for so long - I know you guys have all been waiting with baited breath for my next post and I've just been SO busy living my exciting life that I haven't had time to write the posts you're all just DYING to read!" Not annoying? GOOD. 

Sorry I've been gone, I know everyone has noticed and everyone has cared. I've just been too busy trying to turn Keith's bachelor pad into a newlyweds pad and signing up for wine clubs and researching anti-aging under eye creams to be bothered with something as silly as blogging. And just so you know, while I've actually been doing all those things, I have actually been thinking about blogging on a daily basis and missing it very much. Not enough to actually blog, but still.. something is better than nothing.

Last year, Amber from Mr Thomas and Me and I posted a linkup where we predicted what our 2015s would look like. I couldn't remember what I had put on my list so I'm updating it on the internet right now. You're welcome.

Here's what I thought 2015 would hold...

Keith and I will have gotten engaged and married. 
Did you know that I got married? I like, never talked about it ever.

I'll be involved in church again.
Um, no. Not even a little bit.

I will have gotten a passport.

...and used it to go to Seattle and Vancouver.
Uhhhh no. I was planning a trip to Seattle and Vancouver this past July but I started a new job about a month before the trip and there was just no way I could take a week off when I knew I was going to take 3 weeks off in just three short months.

Another niece or nephew will be on his or her way.
CHECK TIMES TWO. Baby Kate will be getting a SISTER in March and Keith's brother and his wife are expecting a baby in June/July!

My grandma will have passed away.
My grandma will be 100 years old on January 13 and she is (thankfully) still with us. She's doing amazingly well for her age but lately she has been declining and falling a lot more (but not breaking any bones, miraculously), and we are all worried about her every single day. I am so incredibly thankful that she was able to be at my wedding and I will never take that for granted.

Hike Potato Chip Rock with Amber (We live an hour and a half away from each other.)
We didn't hike that rock, but we did get together and eat cheese and drink wine and moscow mules together, so this one was a TOTAL win.

I will actually know what I'm doing in my job and I won't have nightmares about getting fired anymore.
I have a totally different job than I did when I wrote this job and I didn't know it was possible to love a job so fully and completely. If you didn't know, I'm working at a doctor's office doing referrals (I didn't know what that was either so if you don't understand what it is I know where you're coming from) and it's the busiest job I've ever had, EVER.

Kristie and I will be good friends and I will have joined her bowling league.
Well, I haven't joined the bowling league but Kristie and I are actually good friends! We get together for wine, Desperate Housewives, and deep conversations, and even though I get lost regularly on the 5 minute drive home, I LOVE HANGING OUT WITH HER SO MUCH.

I will have won NaNoWriMo again.
Hard no.

I will have worked on editing one of my finished novels.
Even harder no.

I'll lost the last 20ish pounds.
This one is sort of a win, but not really. The month before the wedding I went on an extreme diet and lost a significant amount of weight, but since then I've gained it all back plus some more. That's pretty normal, right?

I'll stop being such a bad texter and actually keep up with friends back home more than once a month.
I actually think I've become a much worse texter this past year. I blame the new job.

Lisa, Matt, Keith, and I will have finally gone on a double date.

I'll get my own pet.
Um, no. Although, during a sunset in Turkey Keith promised me that he would let me get a cat, so I've been trying to be as annoying as possible so that promise actually happens.

And here's what I thought 2015 most definitely would not hold...

I will not eat sushi.

Baby Kate will not stop being adorable.
Obviously she is still adorable. Have you seen her instagram? @therealbabykate (It's private because of creepers but I have it on good authority that she will accept any follower requests without much question)

I will not move away from the mountain.
Of course not.

I will not dye my hair blonde again.
I don't know why this was even on my list last year. I knew I wanted to be blonde again. I'm a blonde at heart and this was proved true when Keith gave me a compass and I couldn't figure out how to work it.