Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Our Wedding Music

Three and a half months before our wedding I wrote a post about how hard of a time we were having choosing our wedding music. That post is one of my favorite posts I've ever written because people were seriously so helpful! The comments on that post helped us choose over 50% of our wedding music and I'm so grateful! Today I'm going to share the songs we chose as well as some more wedding photos. 

Keith had the idea of playing "The Final Countdown" by Europe 5 minutes before we were going to start the ceremony. I thought that would be hilarious, and I really hoped that multiple people would picture Gob Bluth when the song came on. The only problem with having that song in the rotation was that our DJ played it like, 20 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start because it was in the rotation and I started freaking out because "NOBODY IS READY! OMG NOBODY IS READY! ARE WE STARTING IN 5 MINUTES? IT'S 20 MINUTES EARLY! WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!" and then everybody was like WHOA CALM DOWN PSYCHO.

Family Processional

During the entrance of the grandparents/aunts/parents, we played The Piano Guys' cover of "Home" by Phillip Phillips.

 Top row, L-R: Keth's brother Darren (the best man) and Keith's grandma Freddie (who, with her husband Gary ((who asked at the beginning of the ceremony who gave me to be Keith's wife)) sort of got us together in the first place). Darren and Keith's Aunt Karen, who was like my second mom in high school. My brother Robert and my new grandma Violet (that "new grandma" part is another blog post that will come in the future).

Bottom row L-R: My brother John, my grandma who will be 100 years old in January, and my brother Robert. Keith with his mom. John and Robert with my mom.

We had a LOT of people being walked down. Four aunts, four sets of grandparents, and both of our moms. We made sure to pick a pretty long song for this.

Bridesamaids/Flower Girl

I really wanted our first dance to be to "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. When Keith informed me that he vehemently hated that song, I accepted his feelings and tossed it to the side. He told me I could walk down the aisle to that, but that he would be thinking of the movie the whole time. With many an exasperated sigh I said we wouldn't use that song at all. Then, when it was 2 in the morning and 5 days before the wedding and we were finalizing our wedding playlist, he said he wouldn't mind if the bridesmaids walked down to that song so I said OKAY YES THAT SOUNDS GREAT.

Play the YouTube song and then look at the pictures,

From the top left and going clockwise: my old roommate and good friend Cortney; my old roommate and good friend Lisa, my sister in law Amy, my close friend since high school Cristen, my older sister Kathrene (my matron of honor, Baby Kate's mom, and my unborn 2nd niece's mom), my younger sister and maid of honor Angenette.

The flower girl Katelynne, but you should have already known that. Apparently she did a perfect job as flower girl. Nobody recorded a video which makes me very very sad, but I'm trying to forgive everyone for that. The petals she tossed were dried petals from roses Keith has given me since we got back together, and I'm proud to say I thought of that myself and without any help from Pinterest.

Bride's Procession


This one was all Keith's idea.

Grand Entrance

Our First Dance

We had the hardest time choosing our first dance song. I wanted "The Luckiest," and Keith didn't want to do a first dance at all (too much attention or something). We went back and forth with this song for months. I remember when we decided on this song: we were driving on I-5 toward Coalinga, and this song came on his iPod. I jokingly asked if he would want this as our song, and he thought for 4 seconds and then said, "it's a really strong possibility." It was there, driving past dairies and smelling cow manure, that I realized we had just chosen our first dance song.

If I can give you one piece of advice: choose a first dance song that is shorter than 3 minutes. Four minutes was WAY TOO LONG!! I always thought the first dance would be so romantic and that I wouldn't want it to end... but I was giggling uncomfortable the entire time. I was very aware that 150 people were watching us and I hated it. Keith had wanted to practice dancing beforehand but we never found the time to do that. Apparently I kept pulling away from him which was really making him mad. And then our DJ, who is a friend and co-worker of Keith's, surprised us with a fog machine! That was so awesome. I was laughing so hard! So basically, the first dance wasn't what I expected and it was super awkward, but I love the pictures.

Father/Daughter Dance

I ended up letting my dad pick this song. I sent him some suggestions and then was very surprised when he nixed them all and suggested "Unforgettable" by Nat and Natalie King Cole. He said he loved that it was both a father and a daughter singing. When he told me he chose this song, I cried. Hopefully that made up for me not crying during our actual dance. I have a video of some of this dance and I'll post it eventually.

My dad and I have always been extremely close, and in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding I really thought both of us were going to sob our eyes out during the wedding and reception! Surprisingly, we didn't! 

Cake Cutting

Keith didn't realize that we got to choose a song to play during the cake cutting, so I chose to play "The Luckest" the original Ben Folds version during that. He wasn't thrilled, but you want to know the funniest part? I never even noticed the song was playing.

Bouquet Toss

That's all I can think of for now. I know some of these songs were suggested by specific people and I KNOW I promised Starbucks gift cards to those people and I fully plan to deliver on that promise so stay tuned and I'll post the music winners later this week.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Here are the most difficult things I learned while traveling abroad

Our honeymoon was the very first time I've been out of the country. At all. It was incredible and amazing and everything and nothing that I thought it would be. Most of it was a lot more difficult and just all around different than I thought it would be, and today I'm going to share with you the most difficult things I experienced whilst (that's how they say "while" overseas) abroad.

You have to be really particular about when you post on social media.
Everybody knows the only time you post anything on the internet is during peak interaction time, or whenever you know the most people will be online to give you the most likes and headpats. In the same way you wouldn't buy a skirt without asking your friend if it looks good on you first, you wouldn't post a picture on Instagram at 1 in the morning because WHO IS GOING TO SEE IT? When you're overseas, it's basically always 1 in the morning in your homeland. We were 10-12 hours ahead of the US while we were gone, so I couldn't post a picture at 4 in the afternoon because it would only be 2 in the morning back home, and then my picture was basically pointless. This meant I had to try to make sure I was awake around midnight every night because that way it was mid-day back home and that way my social media posts weren't pointless. #priorities

There is no ice.
You really don't appreciate things like ice cold beverages until you're in a place that doesn't have any ice cold beverages. Not only were there no fountain sodas, but there was no ice, and none of the bottled or canned beverages were very cold at all. Do you know what sucks more than a warm Diet Coke? NOTHING.

People are pushy. Like, really pushy.
I'm a people pleaser, I don't like to be rude. So when we were overseas and all the vendors were yelling at me to look at their products and buy their products and just go over to their booth for a minute it took me like a solid week to be ok with just ignoring them. But seriously, like, E V E R Y O N E yells at and solicits you and it really just gets to be exhausting.

You really should wear more than one pair of jeans.
Ok truthfully, I packed two pairs of jeans. Pairs? Pair? IDK. Anyway, I packed two jeans but one of them stretched out 5 seconds after I put them on so after I wore them for like 24 hours straight during our drive to LA and our layovers and all of that, they were super stretched out and I couldn't wear them anymore. That meant I only had one other pair of jeans I could wear. And yes I thought about 

Everything is insanely overwhelming.
The thing about the US is that everything here is only a few hundred years old. The thing about almost every other place in the world is that there are ruins that are THOUSANDS of years old. Sometimes I felt like I wasn't giving the 8,000 year old clay jars enough reverent attention ... because there were about 500 other 8,000 year old clay jars that demanded my reverent attention. It's really hard to explain how it feels to be in total and complete awe 24/7. One day we went on a hike, which is something I do (well, did) a lot, and we came across all these random cave churches that the Hittites built and worshiped in thousands and thousands of years ago. Thinking about the people who carved those homes and churches and painted those murals was extremely moving. And it also made me realize what a crappy artist I am.

Ok the end. I'm going to try to have a wedding related post up tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that I'm not super lazy.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

VLOG: My Everyday Makeup Routine (basically)

For once in my life (or at least for once in the past seven months) I'm doing a blog post that really has nothing to do with our wedding. Are you shocked? I'm pretty shocked.

Today I'm posting a vlog of my everyday makeup routine. Monday - Friday this is typically what goes on my face... although I don't always do eyeshadow and sometimes I use BB cream instead of foundation. But BASICALLY, this is what you could find on my face on a given day. The wine is compliments of a sale at our local grocery store and a weekend:

Here are the links and any other information you might want or need:

-I always wear some kind of primer. Sometimes it's smashbox and sometimes it's e.l.f, and this is what I'm using in the video above.

-Sometimes it's BB cream and sometimes it's actual foundation. It just depends on which is closer to my hand at the moment. On this day it was this foundation

-I've been a fan of this blush for YEARS. I love it.

-I don't always use eyeshadow, but when I do it's a Maybelline taupe and some kind of Sephora palette.

-I don't have an eyeliner preference, I'll use pretty much any eyeliner that is a retractable stick. 

-For my eyebrows I make sure to use a very stiff brush; that's the most important part. For the actual powder I just use an eyeshadow in a color that is fairly close to my natural hair. If it's too dark, I run my powder brush over it to soften the effect. That's what you're seeing in this video.

-I got some kind of deep red lipstick that I'm dabbing on my lips in the video, and I smooth it out with teal Blistex.

This entire look takes me less than 10 minutes in the morning. The chugs of wine are not generally picture, but it was evening when I filmed this so I figured you should just see the raw footage.[