Friday, February 27, 2015

Our second one-year anniversary // how we met

Tomorrow is Keith's and my second one-year anniversary. If you weren't aware, we dated for a little over a year back in college, were apart for 4 years, and then got back together. Today I'm sharing the (very wordy) story of how we started dating... the first time.
If it wasn't for Facebook, Keith and I probably wouldn't be celebrating our second one year anniversary tomorrow. Let's take a trip back to December 24th, 2008...

Want to come to Del Mar park with us for a few hours? I saw the text from Karen and thought nothing of it. I was so close with their family that it would have been weirder not to hang out with them on Christmas Eve. I texted back quickly, Sure! Be there in about a half hour and thought of all the fun times I'd had with that family.

Karen and Mike were my high school youth leaders, and since their oldest daughter was a few years younger than me (which in high school was a pretty big deal) I spent most of my time with Karen and Mike. They were the chaperones when the other high schoolers in the church and I went on National Bible Quizzing trips to Omaha, Fort Worth, St. Louis, and Chicago. I was over at their house all the time, and the two of them were basically my "other" parents.

So, I wasn't nervous to go spend part of Christmas Eve with their family. I drove the 15 minutes over to the park, I got out to go greet everybody, and I stopped for a second because oh my gosh is that Hot Keith?

Hot Keith, Karen's nephew, or the guy I'd had a subtle crush on throughout most of high school. So subtle that at one point he sent me a message over MySpace (much cool, very hip) saying, "Could you not call me Hot Keith anymore? It's making my girlfriend jealous." (Side note: Justin Timberlake up and bought MySpace and changed everything and now I can't see my messages like I used to and everything is different and I really hate it.)

I took a deep breath, walked toward the playground where Keith was adorably hanging out with all the cousins... and ignored him and, instead, talked to all the adults (such grown up). If Keith and I spoke at all, it was a quick, "Hey, what's up?" But believe you me, my heart sure was racing and fluttering when I was watching him entertain all those kids and actually enjoy himself. Also I was a little jealous that I wasn't sliding down that slide with all of them. I mean come on, it looked like fun!
I left pretty quickly and honestly can't remember if I told him goodbye or not, but that night after the Christmas Eve service at the church, when I was up late waiting for Santa, I took a deep breath and hit "Send friend request" on Keith's page. And you know what?

Santa came.

The next day - Christmas Day - I had a message on my Facebook wall from Keith. That message spawned the beginning of our relationship. For about a week we messaged back and forth on our Facebook walls. The public walls. I've always thought it was really cool that we did that on the public part of Facebook instead of the private messaging aspect. I vividly remember staying up until 4am multiple nights in a row, sitting in my dad's bathroom on the toilet (with the lid down, what, do you think I'm disgusting?) waiting for that little red "1" to pop up alerting me that he had written more sweet nothings on my wall. Then I'd wait the obligatory 5 minutes before writing on his wall again. I had to wait 5 minutes. I mean, I couldn't have him thinking I had nothing to do at 3 in the morning other than write on his wall, right? RIGHT?

We talked about everything: politics, Bible verses, sports (#dodgers), movies... we talked about everything. He told me about what he was studying at Fresno State, and I told him about Biola. We talked about music, our families, funny stories... nothing was off limits. And then Karen invited us both to her house for New Year's Eve and I can neither confirm nor deny that I jumped up and down and squealed with delight.

Waiting for New Year's Eve to arrive was basically torture. He and I were still only communicating via Facebook wall posts, or with Karen as the in-between. And you better believe that when I saw him walking into her house with his 12-pack of Mountain Dew and some movies, my heart skipped a beat and I tried not to let him see how big my smile was.

I was in the kitchen helping Karen make dinner when he walked into the living room. He immediately came into the kitchen and started helping us make the tacos, and we talked like old friends and it really was one of the best thing ever. We made tacos for dinner, and we made oreo balls (hahaha balls) for dessert, and he was good at everything and I was swooning.

During the week I'd told him that I'd never stayed up for 24 hours straight, so he had issued me a challenge, which was to stay up for 24 hours (duh). I had a total of 10 shots of espresso that night and he kept bringing me cans of Mountain Dew so basically I was on drugs. We watched movies, we went on a walk, and when I got tired I would like my head on the sofa next to him and get goosebumps when he would shake me to make sure I was still awake. #romance

The next day, New Year's Day, we sat next to each other on the sofa the whole day and talked and watched tv. There were other people there but we ignored him. Well, except when his grandparents came over and his grandpa had a recording of "The Wedding March" that he played when he walked by us. I hadn't brushed my teeth or washed my hair in over 12 hours and he still sat next to me, talked to me, and let me rest my head on his shoulder while I slept. 

We stayed at Mike and Karen's house until about 6 o'clock that evening, and then we left at the same time. #convenient I remember my feelings got extremely hurt that when he left he gave me a hug #swoon but didn't ask for my phone number. What went wrong??? I thought to myself. It was really bothering me that he hadn't asked for it. Jerk, I thought maturely.

The disappointed feeling only lasted for a few minutes, because not long after he left, I got a text from a number I didn't recognize, but I knew exactly who it was, and I was thrilled.

And the rest is history.

But don't worry, I'll write about what happened next at some point, if you're lucky. Happy second one-year anniversary to us!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

This is what happens when a friendship ends

The friends I have today aren't the same friends I had when I was 5, or 10, or 15, or even 20. Some have stayed the same, but many of the friendships I've had at some point during my 26 years are either really different or just not there at all. I think this is the case with most people: your group of friends changes as you're growing up. Sometimes there's a big falling out and sometimes you just kind of drift apart and there isn't really any specific reason, but no matter what the cause, I think these things are what happen when a friendship ends [in 2015].

1. Your text messages get shorter, more formal, and less frequent.
2. You both regularly respond to a text from the other person with, "K." with a period at the end, which make it so much worse.

3. You don't comment on each other's Instagram posts anymore.

4. You don't even like their Instagram posts anymore.

5. You delete the person on Instagram...

6...but still check their page weekly to see what they've been up to.

7. And you get annoyed if their Instagram is private.

8. You used to be such close friends that you have many, many inside jokes, and even though you aren't spending time together anymore you still find yourself giggling about your inside jokes when you're with other friends, which naturally makes your other friends think you might be a little crazy.
9. You post something funny/exciting on Instagram and secretly hope she sees the post and is either sad that you didn't text it to her privately or jealous of how awesome your life is.
10. You find out about all of her life updates from Instagram/Facebook, but know none of the intimate details.
11. You see something that reminds you of your old friend but resist the urge to send a text about it because it would just be weird.
12. You spend more time than you want to admit reminiscing about the days when you were friends. Sometimes you're sad, sometimes you smile at the memories, and sometimes you're mad. But in some way, shape, or form, you'll always miss the friendship.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I miss about home

I've been living in the mountains for just over four months, and let me tell you, it feels like a lot longer than that. I almost typed the cliche, "But at the same time it feels like I just moved here!" but that's not true. It feels like it's been a really long time since I lived in San Luis Obispo. In those four months I've finally learned my address, I survived my first snow (barely), I don't need my GPS anymore, and I got a job. I'm really enjoying the mountains and I have no regrets about moving here, but to be honest... I miss SLO so much. Or slo much. Ha ha... get it? Shut up, Juliette.

I didn't start really missing it until the past couple of weeks. When I first moved I told Keith, "Be prepared, because I'm probably going to be pretty sad from leaving everything, so if I just start to cry all you have to do is bring me chocolate and tell me I'm pretty," but that didn't happen because I was so deliriously happy to be living so close to Keith. So, a few weeks ago when I started feeling pretty down, at first I didn't put it together. Why was I all of a sudden feeling so sad? PMS? General hormones? The altitude? I blamed it on everything, but then I realized: it's because I miss home. 

...I miss my family. I miss the lunch dates I had with everybody during the week. I especially miss Baby Kate and watching her grow. She just learned how to count to three and she figured out that farts are hilarious, and it makes me sad that I'm not there to see it. And what if she forgets me and I'm that weird aunt who she only sees a few times a year and she never really likes me? It's fine, I'll just give her presents and buy her love and affection. #itsfineimfine

...I miss the hiking. Last year I got really into hiking and most days after work I'd go up and down some mountains and jog around my neighborhood, but I'm not doing that here. It's not for lack of options, it's because I'm too insecure to go hike a trail I don't know very well. Also I heard there are snakes around here and just NO.

...I miss having lots of grocery stores within a few miles of my house. There's only one store close to me, and I'm there a lot. Like, just yesterday I was there twice: in the morning to buy Cheez Its and in the evening to buy cheap wine and salami. And the same person was the checker both times and even though I know the people who work there have better things to do than judge my grocery choices it still makes me a little insecure and embarrassed and I just want the option to be able to go to one store for  my wine and one store for my sour candy and another store for my 'Nilla Wafers.

...I miss living 5 minutes away from a Target. I didn't think I would mind this but oh my gosh I do. My plan was to just order things online but turns out I'm horrible at that. When I last ran out of BB cream I ended up cutting my tube open and digging out every last drop because it was going to be so long until I went to Target. So finally I just went to Rite Aid and did you know Rite Aid is way more expensive than Target? Well, it is.

...I miss my job. I KNOW, I KNOW. If you talked to me pretty much at all last year you probably heard me complain about my boss. I hated how he passive aggressively asked me for coffee on a daily basis, how he would sit and shoot the shit with me for hours when all I wanted to do was Gchat and read Buzzfeed, and I hated how I always had to entertain clients and wholesalers while he finished up phone calls that had bled into appointment times. But you know what? I hate my current job more than my last job. We're not getting into it but it's so stressful and I sort of dread going to work every day. It's also not paying much which is why I'm writing sponsored posts like this one and asking you to click for me. I mean hello, I have a wedding to plan (unofficially) and BB cream to buy.
K thanks for letting me be sad for today I appreciate it and I appreciate you and that's all for now byeeeeeeee.

Monday, February 23, 2015

How U by Kotex is helping my confidence by making me an #underwarrior

Something most ladies people struggle with is confidence. We've all been there, I know we have. For me, one of the times when I have the least confidence is that time of the month. You know what I mean, right? Shark Week. Rage week. Cramps in my style week. Leak Week. In addition to the mood swings, the cramps, and the acne I'm also worried about ruining my favorite underwear because most feminine products don't do a great job at preventing leaks and stains. 
With U by Kotex those fears are no more! Instead of walking around fearing that leaks are happening, I can walk around knowing that nothing is where it shouldn't be.

How?? U by Kotex uses 3D capture core that locks away wetness and gives you the confidence that your favorite pair of undies isn't getting ruined by Aunt Flow. The pads don't bunch or bend, they don't make you feel like you're wearing a diaper, and easy-opening wrappers that come in colorful designs. 

The best part? U by Kotex wants YOU to be able to try their product... for free!! By simply clicking on this link you can choose samples of their products and experience their great products for yourself.

**This post has been sponsored by Linqia and U by Kotex. I was compensated for writing this post but all opinions are my own.**

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

No matter what Keith says, I am absolutely NOT high maintenance.

I had a totally different post pretty much finished that I was going to let you guys read today, but then Keith and I had a "disagreement" (less dramatic word than "argument") and I realized I have the perfect way to prove I'm right: I can tell the whole internet my side of the story and get all of you to agree with me and then I can laugh in his face and say HA! I WAS RIGHT. Plus my other post was kind of sad and depressing and this is more for laughs so obviously I chose this one. Our disagreement was because I took this Buzzed quiz and was told I'm "Very low maintenance" and Keith was "more low maintenance" and then we had another disagreement over which one was the most low maintenance. Obviously mine, right? K thanks.

So, because of this disagreement I decided to take to the internet and tell you alllllllll the reasons why I am not high maintenance. I guess I should say I'm really low maintenance but I prefer to say I'm not high maintenance because I'm low maintenance. We're on the same page, right? Right.


1. This is what I look like right now (this sweatshirt might have dried blood on it. I don't know and I don't even care):

Irony: When I asked Keith to take this picture of me I made him do it RIGHTTHISSECOND and I made him stand in a very specific spot so the light was right and I also made him take it from the top down so the angle was flattering. I'm only telling you this in the interest of full disclosure you're welcome. 

2. I only drink cheap wine. Seriously. If it's more than $4/bottle I kind of have a moral dilemma about buying it. (Maybe this makes me stingy instead of low maintenance? Don't care.)

3. It only takes me 8 minutes to put my makeup on.

4. I'll drink my coffee with almost anything in it: cream, skim milk, sweetener... whatever. (But if you don't have anything to put in my coffee prepare to get side-eyed.)

5. I have an iPhone 4S and it's an old piece of garbage that doesn't let me FaceTime or Skype and I don't even complain about it.

6. A few years ago I had to have my hair dyed blonde but now I couldn't care less that my roots have grown out like 7 inches and it looks like trash.

7. I also don't get haircuts anymore. Instead I trim my split ends in the bathroom and it doesn't even bother me that the ends of my hair look like straw.

8. Sometimes I wear my shirts two or three times before I wash them.

9. One time I went to a restaurant and instead of giving me Gorau Glas cheese they gave me Caciocavallo Podolico cheese and I didn't even make the manager fire my server.

10. I'm so low maintenance that the fanciest cheese I know is Roquefort and I had to google "really expensive cheese" to put in that sarcastic number 9.

11. I'm so low maintenance that it doesn't bother me that I have 11 points on here instead of an even 10. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 things to know before you go wedding dress shopping

I've had a wide array of jobs, from mundane (Round Table Pizza) to really amazing (Disneyland), but one of the jobs that gave me the best stories was when I was a "bridal stylist." That's just a fancy term for "I sold wedding dresses." I was at that job for a little less than two years, and it was pretty cool. The absolute best part was that I got to help my older sister (Baby Kate's mom) find her wedding gown. She told me what she wanted in her dress and I said, "I know exactly which one you'll choose." I didn't tell her which one it was and when she game in with our mom, sister, and aunt in tow, she tried on 5 or 6 dresses before I put her in "the one." I cried, my aunt cried, and my sister was like, "YOU WERE RIGHT!" (And those were the best words she had ever said to me until she said, "You're going to be an aunt!)

All that to say, I learned a thing or two in that job, and if you or anyone you know are currently looking for wedding dresses, I have some information you should know that nobody else will tell you. I think this is going to have to be at least a two-part post because otherwise you'll be reading for like, 6 hours. Either I have lots of wisdom or you're a really slow reader, I'm not telling you which.

1. Bring your own undergarments. By "undergarments" I mean "anything you'll be wearing under your dress. This is usually a strapless bra, some kind of shapewear (like spanx... get the kind with the butt pockets to add lift, you won't regret it), and shoes. Most salons will provide you with a bra (or bustier if you want to get technical) and the chances of that bustier having ever been washed are about as good as the chances of Kanye every loving anybody more than he loves Kanye. And the shoes? They're supposed to put those little footsie nylons on people before letting them wear the shoes, but not everybody does that. And trust me, trying on dresses is sweaty business... so you really don't want to wear the shoes or bustier that dozens of others have sweated in. Trust me. BYOU (Bring Your Own Undergarments).

2. Don't bring an entourage. You should only bring the people whose opinions matter the most to you. When you bring all your bridesmaids, your second cousins three times removed, or your childhood babysitter. Sure, it sounds sweet and all, but do not do it. When you bring that many people you get too many opinions, and lots of people will tell you their opinions based on their own personal opinion without thinking of you. I saw this happen so many times and it broke my heart: a bride loved the dress she was wearing but then her entourage said things like, "I'm just not a fan of pickups," "I just prefer lace," "I've never liked long trains like that," and guess what? They're not the ones wearing the dress. The only opinion that matters is the bride's opinion. So bring two or three people who mean the most to you and who you know will want you to pick your favorite dress.

3a. Have an open mind. Before you shop, figure out things you like. For example, do you want strapless? Do you have a preference on the neckline? Do you like lots of beading? Tell your stylist what you're drawn toward and what you hate, and ask her to bring you what she thinks you'll like based on what you told her. She's trained to be able to pick things out for you based on what you tell her. If you have some specific dresses that you want to try on, tell her. Just remember that at most appointments you'll only try on 5 or 6 dresses. Anything more than that will take too long, and the dresses will start to run together. You don't always need to try on 50 million dresses before you find "the one."

WHAT? It's a funny. Just laugh.
3b. A dress is dead before you put it on. Don't judge a dress on the hanger. I had so many brides look at a dress on a hanger and tell me, "I really hate this dress," and then they tried it on and did a total one-eighty! When the dress is on the hanger it doesn't have any life in it and you can't really tell what it looks like. So trust your stylist and try on whatever she brings you, because you never know what you'll love once you put it on.
Yes this is exactly what happens. Trust me.
4. Be honest. If you hate a dress, take it off! If your first instinct is, "Oh my god why am I wearing a trash bag?" then tell your stylist and try on the next one. Don't try to convince yourself that you love something you really hate. (This is why you shouldn't bring lots of people with you. They'll tell you a dress is "so pretty if you just give it a chance!" but you are the one wearing the dress.)
5. Don't let your stylist talk you into "buying today" if you're not ready. Nine times out of ten your stylist truly wants you to be happy and to have the dress of your dreams, but you have to remember that selling you a dress is her job and she either: 1) has a quote of dresses she needs to sell, 2) works on commission, or 3) a combination of both 1 and 2. She'll have a bunch of tactics to get you to buy your dress asap, and some of these tactics are as follows:

"We're having a sale and it ends today! If you don't buy today you won't get the sale!"
"If you buy today I can offer you ten percent off of your veil and jewelry... but only if you buy them all today."
"Won't it feel great to be able to check this off your list?"
"I asked my manager and she said if you buy today she'll knock another fifty dollars off the price. She never does this. I don't even want to say it too loudly or else other people will hear."
"This dress is on our list of discontinued dresses, which means that any day now our corporate office will say we can't place orders for it anymore. We don't know when that's going to happen so you really should buy it today."

Of course, if your wedding is in three months or less you really shouldn't put off purchasing your dress. But if you have 6 months or more you can sleep on it for a night or two and it won't be a problem.
Ok, I think five is enough. If you're lucky I'll have some more next week or whenever I feel like it.

If you've been wedding dress shopping, do you have anything to add? Do you disagree with any of this? If you're currently looking for a dress, can I come with you to your next appointment?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Weird things that make me feel like an adult

Sometimes I'm in the middle of "adulting," like filling my car up with gas, or buying high fiber bread, or worrying about health insurance, and I start to think, "But wait, wasn't it just yesterday that I wasn't allowed to eat spaghetti without wearing a bib?"

Yeah, in case you were a little curious... I had to wear a bib to eat spaghetti until I was old enough to write my own name... in cursive. Luckily I'm advanced so I was able to write in cursive by the time I was 5. At least that's what I tell myself and I've never checked with my mom to verify the facts.
Anyway, thinking about this made me think about all the things that make me feel like a grown up. Not the "serious" adult things like having a mortgage (don't have that), a car payment (don't have that), or a full-time job (don't have that either), but weird things that most of my friends have made most of my friends be like, ".....really?" you're welcome for this.
And feel free to add to my list so I don't feel as pathetic.
//Having a lot of keys on my key ring. When I was younger my older sister always had what seemed like a billion keys on her key ring and I was like, "When I grow up I wanna have a key ring like THAT." This made me sneak into my dad's office (he worked from home, being a pastor had its perks) and sneaking through this random container of keys and thinking about all the keys I'd want on my own key ring. There was this one that sort of looked like a clover leaf that my friend Fritzi and I decided meant a treasure was buried beneath a patch of clovers. This was not helpful since there were approximately 4,394 patches of clovers in the yard of my parents' church. But anyway, back to my grown up ring of keys: I currently have the following keys on my key ring (you care, right?): 1 to my parents house, 1 to Keith's house, 3 to Keith's parents' house, 3 for work, 1 for the PO box, 1 for my car, 1 for my Grandma's house. ELEVEN KEYS. I'm a baller. Don't mess.

//Booking a hotel room. I mean, I'm 26, I've stayed in my fair share of hotels in my lifetime. But there has only been one time when I've been enough of an adult to actually find the best rate, call the hotel, and book the room for one night. This was when my friend Jennie and I went to a friend's wedding and I accidentally left my favorite sunglasses (THEY WERE JUICY COUTURE AND I GOT THEM FOR A STEAL) in the hotel room and nobody would help me get them back. So it felt adult in that I booked the hotel room and that I learned a lesson about loss.

//Buying hemorrhoid cream. I mean, I only did this because one of the Ariel's at my work swore it would take away undereye circles and I was a total sucker.

//Not killing a spider. Last week I was at work and I saw a spider crawling across the wall and I really wanted to kill it but I had too much work to do and spending even 30 seconds searching for and killing this spider just seemed unnecessary. So now I have a rogue spider hanging out in my office THAT'S COOL. NOT.

//Living in an apartment on my own. I don't know why, but living on my own just seemed REALLY adult to me. And I was totally adult about it... you know with the popsicles and Netflix every night.

//Using the phrase, "When I was your age..." Ok, come on now, you've all used this phrase, right? I mean, I come across so many 10 year olds who have cell phones and I find myself explaining to them that, "When I was your age, the phone was on the same end table every day and it had a CORD and you could ONLY talk in the living room and the internet DID NOT EVEN EXIST in my home." And when I was a nanny I took the girls to Target once and I saw a cassette tape player and they were like, "Oh my gosh WHAT IS THIS? What do you even use it for? How weird!" And I cried a little on the inside.

What about you?

Monday, February 2, 2015

5 things I've come to realize

1) Nobody is thinking about me as much as I'm thinking about me. Fairly often I find myself feeling insecure about myself and assuming that everyone is judging me harshly for the way I dress, act, laugh, etc. What I've come to realize is that people really aren't paying that much attention to me. Most of us are too busy worrying about what other people are thinking about us that to be spending that much time thinking about other people.

2) Most things shouldn't be taken so personally. I'm the queen of taking things personally. If someone makes an offhandedly rude remark toward me, I automatically assume I did something wrong and I'll stew over what it could have been for days. The truth is, sometimes people are in bad moods and they aren't being rude to you because of you, it's because of them. Because remember, nobody is thinking about you as much as you're thinking about you.

3) Always wear an underwire bra. I mean, you never know when you're going to be abducted, and the key to your survival/escape could be busting (hehe, punny) the underwire out of that bra and either picking a lock or stabbing your captor in the neck. When you write your memoirs about your abduction feel free to thank me for giving you the key to your escape.

4) Just because "it could be worse" doesn't mean it's not bad right now. In my experience, saying "Oh, it could always be worse!" when a friend is going through a hard time isn't helpful or comforting. I know I never like hearing it, because it makes me feel ungrateful and then I end up just feeling worse for being so selfish. The phrase. "it could always be worse" minimizes your pain/struggle, and what's helpful about that? Nothing. Sure, it could be worse, it could always be worse, but just because it could be worse doesn't mean you don't have the right to be upset for the struggle you're in at the moment.

5) It's easy to be negative, but it's better to be positive. There will always be things to complain about. No matter how rich, successful, popular, or blessed you are, you will always be able to find things to complain about, because life isn't perfect. But at the same time, no matter how bad things get there is always always always something to be thankful for. Don't lose sight of your blessings in the midst of a rough time.