Saturday, August 15, 2015

#SaveTheUndies with U by Kotex!

Lately I've been noticing a trend in the fashion world: white pants/skirts. I've noticed people neglecting the long standing rule of "don't wear white after Labor Day," and I love it! You know what I don't love? When a nice pair of white pants gets completely ruined due to a combination of Aunt Flo and poor protection.

Recently I went to a park to watch a local band and have some fun with friends, and I was wearing a white maxi skirt. All of a sudden... I just knew something bad was about to happen. Ladies, you know what I mean. When Aunt Flo comes, you just know. Luckily I had my U by Kotex products easily accessible in my purse, so after a quick trip to the restroom I was able to return to the concert and not worry about ruining a favorite skirt! 
I love that U by Kotex products come in a variety of styles. You can go with the traditional white wrapper, or the fun and funky multi colored designs! With the bright designs people don't know right away that you're carrying around pads. If you want to get your own [free sample alert!] simply go to ubykotex{dot}com and request some! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Did you catch that? U by Kotex wants to give you a free sample! Trust me, you want to take them up on this. 

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