Friday, February 27, 2015

Our second one-year anniversary // how we met

Tomorrow is Keith's and my second one-year anniversary. If you weren't aware, we dated for a little over a year back in college, were apart for 4 years, and then got back together. Today I'm sharing the (very wordy) story of how we started dating... the first time.
If it wasn't for Facebook, Keith and I probably wouldn't be celebrating our second one year anniversary tomorrow. Let's take a trip back to December 24th, 2008...

Want to come to Del Mar park with us for a few hours? I saw the text from Karen and thought nothing of it. I was so close with their family that it would have been weirder not to hang out with them on Christmas Eve. I texted back quickly, Sure! Be there in about a half hour and thought of all the fun times I'd had with that family.

Karen and Mike were my high school youth leaders, and since their oldest daughter was a few years younger than me (which in high school was a pretty big deal) I spent most of my time with Karen and Mike. They were the chaperones when the other high schoolers in the church and I went on National Bible Quizzing trips to Omaha, Fort Worth, St. Louis, and Chicago. I was over at their house all the time, and the two of them were basically my "other" parents.

So, I wasn't nervous to go spend part of Christmas Eve with their family. I drove the 15 minutes over to the park, I got out to go greet everybody, and I stopped for a second because oh my gosh is that Hot Keith?

Hot Keith, Karen's nephew, or the guy I'd had a subtle crush on throughout most of high school. So subtle that at one point he sent me a message over MySpace (much cool, very hip) saying, "Could you not call me Hot Keith anymore? It's making my girlfriend jealous." (Side note: Justin Timberlake up and bought MySpace and changed everything and now I can't see my messages like I used to and everything is different and I really hate it.)

I took a deep breath, walked toward the playground where Keith was adorably hanging out with all the cousins... and ignored him and, instead, talked to all the adults (such grown up). If Keith and I spoke at all, it was a quick, "Hey, what's up?" But believe you me, my heart sure was racing and fluttering when I was watching him entertain all those kids and actually enjoy himself. Also I was a little jealous that I wasn't sliding down that slide with all of them. I mean come on, it looked like fun!
I left pretty quickly and honestly can't remember if I told him goodbye or not, but that night after the Christmas Eve service at the church, when I was up late waiting for Santa, I took a deep breath and hit "Send friend request" on Keith's page. And you know what?

Santa came.

The next day - Christmas Day - I had a message on my Facebook wall from Keith. That message spawned the beginning of our relationship. For about a week we messaged back and forth on our Facebook walls. The public walls. I've always thought it was really cool that we did that on the public part of Facebook instead of the private messaging aspect. I vividly remember staying up until 4am multiple nights in a row, sitting in my dad's bathroom on the toilet (with the lid down, what, do you think I'm disgusting?) waiting for that little red "1" to pop up alerting me that he had written more sweet nothings on my wall. Then I'd wait the obligatory 5 minutes before writing on his wall again. I had to wait 5 minutes. I mean, I couldn't have him thinking I had nothing to do at 3 in the morning other than write on his wall, right? RIGHT?

We talked about everything: politics, Bible verses, sports (#dodgers), movies... we talked about everything. He told me about what he was studying at Fresno State, and I told him about Biola. We talked about music, our families, funny stories... nothing was off limits. And then Karen invited us both to her house for New Year's Eve and I can neither confirm nor deny that I jumped up and down and squealed with delight.

Waiting for New Year's Eve to arrive was basically torture. He and I were still only communicating via Facebook wall posts, or with Karen as the in-between. And you better believe that when I saw him walking into her house with his 12-pack of Mountain Dew and some movies, my heart skipped a beat and I tried not to let him see how big my smile was.

I was in the kitchen helping Karen make dinner when he walked into the living room. He immediately came into the kitchen and started helping us make the tacos, and we talked like old friends and it really was one of the best thing ever. We made tacos for dinner, and we made oreo balls (hahaha balls) for dessert, and he was good at everything and I was swooning.

During the week I'd told him that I'd never stayed up for 24 hours straight, so he had issued me a challenge, which was to stay up for 24 hours (duh). I had a total of 10 shots of espresso that night and he kept bringing me cans of Mountain Dew so basically I was on drugs. We watched movies, we went on a walk, and when I got tired I would like my head on the sofa next to him and get goosebumps when he would shake me to make sure I was still awake. #romance

The next day, New Year's Day, we sat next to each other on the sofa the whole day and talked and watched tv. There were other people there but we ignored him. Well, except when his grandparents came over and his grandpa had a recording of "The Wedding March" that he played when he walked by us. I hadn't brushed my teeth or washed my hair in over 12 hours and he still sat next to me, talked to me, and let me rest my head on his shoulder while I slept. 

We stayed at Mike and Karen's house until about 6 o'clock that evening, and then we left at the same time. #convenient I remember my feelings got extremely hurt that when he left he gave me a hug #swoon but didn't ask for my phone number. What went wrong??? I thought to myself. It was really bothering me that he hadn't asked for it. Jerk, I thought maturely.

The disappointed feeling only lasted for a few minutes, because not long after he left, I got a text from a number I didn't recognize, but I knew exactly who it was, and I was thrilled.

And the rest is history.

But don't worry, I'll write about what happened next at some point, if you're lucky. Happy second one-year anniversary to us!


  1. i freaking' love stories of how people met. i hope you are making oreo balls and staying up all night drinking mountain dew to celebrate! happy anniversary :)

  2. Awhh this was honestly such a cute story! :)

  3. Tell us what happened next! I love hearing stories like this one. Happy second one-year anniversary!

  4. This is the sweetest thing ever. Happy second one-year anniversary. :)

  5. I just love how this entire store isn't about meeting online or at a bar, but exactly how it used to happen :) I miss those days! Happy second one-year anniversary!

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    Love this story lol. Love it so much!!