Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What's been happening here???

I miss blogging and the internet in general. I feel really disconnected from my internet life but I guess this whole "having a real job that doesn't allow me to be on the internet for 8 hours a day" thing had to happen sometime. Anyway, I figured I'd try to crank out a little update post since I know you're probably all just DYING to know what's happening in my life, right? Just kidding. I promise I'm not that arrogant. This is largely for posterity (which I just googled the definition for and posterity means "all future generations of people" and it's really just for me) but you guys get to read it too, if you want.

Also sorry that I repeat lots of Instagram pictures. That's one of my weaknesses.

1. SNOW.

It's been snowing a little bit here! There's more snow at my house than at Keith's... something about elevation or something ... and I haven't actually seen it actively snow, but THERE IS SNOW ON THE GROUND. This is great for my Instagram pictures, and I love looking out the window and see the snow, but when I actually have to go outside it becomes a problem. Why? Because these are the warmest shoes I own:

...and they're not even warm. I don't own one pair of boots. I used to have fuggs but I wore holes through the bottom and had to throw them away and I never bought new ones because I usually refuse to spend more than $20 on shoes and I never find boots for less than $39.99.

2. I GOT A JOB!!

I'm the Program Coordinator at a non-profit up here in the mountains, and so far I'm really enjoying it. It's about four times as much work as my last job (where some days I would literally do nothing work related because there was nothing work related to do), but about seventy-three times more rewarding. I have lots of projects and lots of responsibilities and I've gotten to go to two meetings, which is something I've never gotten to do before and so far I still like going to meetings. Plus, on my drives to the meetings I get to see views like the one above, and this:

Too bad it's so ugly where I live.

3. I did not decorate for Christmas.

Keith and I had plans to get a Christmas tree but then I turned into a Scrooge and decided I didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting a tree and buying lights and ornaments. However, I did decide to hang our stockings on the mantle, and since neither of us have stocking holders, they are now hanging under a signed Packers helmet/cheese head. There's also a like, lion or gargoyle statue and a skull that I'm like 50% sure is from a real human but I 100% hope I'm wrong.

 4. Christmas came early.

Keith and I won't be seeing each other on Christmas (it's ok, don't feel like you have to cry for us), so we knew we were going to exchange gifts early. Yesterday the last two of Keith's gifts arrived in the mail and I was like, "HEY GUESS WHAT ALL YOUR GIFTS ARE HERE!" and then we had this conversation.

K: Let's open our presents tonight!
J: But it's 9 days before Christmas.
K: So? We wont' be together on Christmas.
J: But it's 9 days before Christmas!
K: Let's just do it tonight!
J: What if we open one gift a day until Tuesday?
K: No. Let's just open them all tonight.
J: What if we open them all tonight but we HIDE them around the house and then we have to search for them?
K: But some of your gifts go together.
J: So hide them in the same area as each other and when I find one just tell me, "Hey, look in that area for something else."
K: But all my stuff will get messed up and I have it all organized.
J: *guffawing because his stuff is NOT organized at all*
K: What?
J:I just thought hiding the gifts would be fun.
K: Oh, so I'm not fun?
J: So I guess you don't want to hide the presents.
K: You don't think I'm fun?
J: Let's open all the presents tonight!
K:Sorry I'm so boring.
J: Do you even have wrapping paper?
K: No, do you?
J: Yes.
K: Perfect.
J: It's wedding wrapping paper with wedding dresses and tuxes on it.
K: We don't need to wrap them.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Keith and I came to be opening unwrapped gifts on December 16th.
 He got me:

-three sweatshirts (two with my college name on them ((that I mentioned months ago I really wanted and HE REMEMNBERED)) and a USC sweatshirt so that I can have my own sweatshirts and I don't have to wear his anymore (and it's really cute that he thinks having my own clothes will keep me from wearing his clothes HAHA YOU'RE CUTE.

-a t-shirt from my college that's a really pretty blue color.

-a Giant's t-shirt because clearly he hates me.

I got him:

-a book about Seinfeld and philosophy.

-stone ice cubes. I'm actually convinced this is a good gift for men in general, because one of my brothers and Keith both hats ice in their drinks because they get watered down. Plus, these look super rugged and cool and they come with a chilling sack!

-a new battery for his cell phone because his phone always dies and it's annoying so really, this was a gift for me so that we can play Trivia Crack all day long without having to worry about his phone dying.

-a shirt that has a bear with antlers on it and underneath it says "Beer" and I think it's HILARIOUS. I felt so proud of myself for getting this for him but he reminded me that he already has the sweatshirt and he showed it to me and zero part of me remembers him showing me the sweatshirt so now I feel exactly zero percent clever.

5. We got into a fight.

I don't usually dump super personal relationship stuff on the internet, but last week Keith and I got into a huge fight that resulted into us not really speaking for like four days. More on that later though because I learned a very important lesson that I want to share because now that I've been in a relationship for 9 months I'm super qualified to give out relationship advice.



  1. CONGRATS ON THE NEW JOB! And the gorgeous views! And I think the "BEER" shirt is hilarious, so points to you, whatever.

  2. Ugh I want to live where you live. Can you get me an awesome job at your awesome job?

  3. So I was reading and smiling and like DAMN her life is like a magical dream with snow and sunrises and presents every day!

    And then I got down to the bottom was I was like nooooooooooo. No fights. None ever. Only smiles and rainbows and unicorn kisses forever and always. But for real let's talk about it.

    Also it sounds like Keith has you clothed for all of winter. Insert thumbs up emoji here.

  4. SO, Brian also has a BEER shirt so they are like twins. Also, I don't know about this fight.

  5. I love that shirt- awesome. PS You need to invest boots already- just saying. Also are we still FINALLY meeting on the 22nd, because I am uber excited to do this!

  6. YOU ARE ALIVE. I'm so glad you found a job and are doing well. The internets misses you.

  7. I know that REMEMNBERED was a typo, but it seems legit since it's in caps and given the context.
    I love the BEER shirt, whether or not he already has the sweatshirt. You're still a clever girl.
    Also, get some ding dang boots. Crazy lady.

  8. I want a Beer shirt... Also. WHAT A SCROOGE. You have to have a tree!

  9. Feel free to send the spare BEER shirt to me. Also, I wish I would have thought of the stone ice cubes for Derek. Sometimes we'll freeze coke or sprite and use those as ice cubes in his whiskey drinks. Also, you'll get tired of the meetings (or maybe not) but I certainly did after a couple of weeks! We have SO MANY meetings!!!

  10. Congratulations on the new job! Sorry about the fight! I was just thinking yesterday that my bf and I have been together for 6 months and have never even had a disagreement about anything. It's kind of weird and makes me nervous for what will happen when we eventually do!

  11. CONGRATS on the new job! Being a program coordinator at a non-profit is kind of my dream job. At least I think it is from the very little I know about the responsibilities... And well done on the gift giving/receiving, it sounds like you both did well!

  12. Awwww! 1. Go get yourself some decent snow shoes. 2. Yay for the new job! 3. Yay for the stockings! 4. Presents! Wooohoo!

  13. I'm so late to this post party it's not even funny. Key takeaways: 1) I want to live where you live, it's freaking beautiful. NOrth Texas doesn't look like that. In fact, imagine the most flattestest, most opposite place from where you live. That's what North Texas looks like. 2) I'm still so happy you love your job so much! 3) Do you think Keith would let me borrow the beer/bear shirt?