Saturday, July 19, 2014

Switch it up (I want to be Carrie Underwood)

Today's prompt is, who would you want to switch lives with for a day? I choose Carrie Underwood. This was really hard for me because I wouldn't really want to be anybody other than myself. I read somewhere that most people, if given the chance, wouldn't really want to trade lives with anybody. It doesn't matter what I go through, but I wouldn't want to give up my life now, my friends, relationships, or any of my wonderful memories. So Carrie, sorry but I wouldn't really wanna be you.


I'd probably wake up and just stare at my legs, because Carrie Underwood has the most amazing legs ever. It's just the truth. I mean hellO take a look at those gams! K fine I'm done being creepy.

Next, I'd text my fellow American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, and she'd come over for breakfast and we'd braid each other's hair. Then we'd just go to Starbucks or something and stop and take paparazzi pictures with people. Then I'd make sure to write down my phone number and mail it to my apartment so when I woke up as Juliette again, I could text Carrie and we'd be BFFs.

Then I'd have to get ready for my concert and I would finally know what it was like to actually be able to sing. I've always wished I could sing, and I love Carrie's powerful voice. I'm jealous of it.

I also feel like at some point I'd eat some kale. Carrie seems like a kale eating kind of person.

Then I'd go to sleep in my giant comfy bed and that's all the end.


  1. How have I never noticed her amazing legs before?!?! Lol I like the eating Kale part!!

  2. You forgot the most important part. Making out with her super hot hockey playing husband.

  3. She has some fabulous legs! I wish I had those legs

  4. Um you forgot where you'd have sex with her super hot hockey player husband. Remember how one of our first text convos was about which professional sports players we would want to date?