Thursday, July 31, 2014

Gipsy Dharma: Unique and handmade clothing and footwear

**This is a sponsored post**

I love boots. Fall is my favorite season (color me unique, I know) in part because I can wear boots with EVERYTHING. However, I find that I usually get stuck in a rut of the same boring brown boots. I get nervous to shop for fun boots online because I'm afraid they won't fit my calves! So when Gipsy Dharma sponsored me, I was excited to find that they offer leather boots that feature an easy access zip on the inner leg and laces that allow you to tighten them accordingly to make them look and feel ideal!
Photo from Instagram

Oh I'm sorry what's that? You want colorful boots? DON'T WORRY. Gipsy Dharma has you covered!

Photo from Instagram
And there aren't just boots, either! Gipsy Dharma offers jackets, skirts, and even a handbag/rucksack! The products are all handmade, and the website even helps you figure out the sizing so you don't have to wonder what to order. There's a great FAQ page in case you have anything regarding Gipsy Dharma that you'd like to find out.

Photo taken from Instagram
Go ahead and check out the Gipsy Dharma webpage to find your next pair of unique handmade clothing or accessories!

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