Saturday, July 26, 2014

A photo an hour for a day (sort of)

Today I'm supposed to post a photo an hour from a day earlier in the week. I totally forgot about it until Thursday night so I had to take the pictures on Friday and I did the best I could so please don't judge me too harshly.


Technically this was taken at 6:10am but potato, potahto. Whatever. I try to greet the morning joyfully every day and I obviously do a great job.


Ummm well, I start work at 7am and it's very important for me to have 2-4 steaming cups of creamer coffee in order to be happy at all. One of my favorite parts of my job is that I'm by myself in the office for usually about 2 hours. It works out great because have you met me in the morning? Just imagine Oscar the Grouch with PMS and you'll have a good idea of what it's like to interact with me before noon.


My office is in a house that was converted into an office, and we have a really pretty garden with a white picket fence out front. Sometimes I take one of my mugs of coffee onto the porch to give myself a break from staring at a screen. And I'm totally lying. I only went outside to take this picture so you guys wouldn't get bored. YOU'RE SO WELCOME.


Sometimes I think about how much I'd rather be sleeping and I make faces.


Sometimes I actually sleep.


Around 10:05 I decided it would be cruel and unusual punishment to bombard you with more pictures of me sitting at my desk, so I decided to hold off until LUNCH TIME. I love Friday lunches because I get to see my mom, sister, and niece. Also because I get fish tacos NOM.


A few times a week I have to go to the bank for work purposes and I tried to be artsy and this is my failed attempt you're welcome.


I get off work at 4, but at 5 I was on the road to see Keith. You don't 4 hours of road trip pictures because that's DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL obviously. Just imagine me making that same face ^^ while drinking Diet Coke and listening to a Harry Potter audiobook.


Since I am writing this before I actually get to Keith's house, may I interest you in a fuzzy picture we took at that wedding in May that I've blogged prior to today? Nobody ever said I wasn't lazy.

And... that's my day. Some days my job is really stressful (annoying, not stressful), but most days it's just fun and I love it. But there's not a lot of variation to my schedule so that's why most of the pictures are of me making faces into the camera at my desk. I had to stop doing that once my co-worker and boss came in though. I would have died of embarrassment if somebody had walked in on me taking a selfie. I mean can you imagine? 


  1. I attempted to do this yesterday and after one picture I forgot! So I'm going to try to do it today...and like your desk job, my pictures would've been all of of my computer screen as well. Maybe today will be more interesting on a weekend! I did enjoy you making faces, though! And you look so gorgeous! Your eyes were shining!

  2. I think you did a very good job with the time you had. You get an A+. (practicing my skillz for when I become a teacher). Also, BABY KATE. Can I just have her and squeeze those cheeks a little bit? I'll give her back, I promise.

  3. just stumbled onto your blog and you had me at 'listening to a harry potter audiobook' and your faux-sitting-on-the-deck-and-look-at-the-garden photo! hilarious!

  4. I like the garden photo, even if it's a fake. And your niece is so adorable!

  5. Love this!!! My favorite is your first picture!! That is so me in the mornings!!!

  6. You're so pretty when you first wake up. Such a beaut, you are.

    Also... I like that you pretended to sit in your garden. You actually should though, it looks nice.

  7. Are you telling me you got your hair to do that in less than 50 minutes? So jealous.

  8. Do you know how long it would take me to look as good as you did after I got up? That would kill like 3 hours of my time!!!

  9. You look very awake and put together for 7am. I do not. That's impressive.