Monday, May 12, 2014

Earthquake Cake

You guys want to know about my weekend, right? Good, because that's all I can do this morning. I know lots of people really hate weekend posts so if that's you, well, I'm sorry. I'll try to make up for it with a couple of pictures of my niece, ok? Deal? Did you leave already?
I mentioned last week that Keith and I were in the middle of a long stretch between visits. It sucked and it wasn't fun at all, so on Wednesday he decided to come visit me over the weekend and I was like YES OK DO THAT YOU ARE THE BEST. Then he showed up at my door with roses and I was like uhhhhh well, you're the best. And he was like, "I know."
That evening we went to dinner at the beach with Justin and Jacey and had fish tacos. I took this artistic picture of my plate... it's artsy because I left some of the plate out of the frame and there's negative space. Remember how that's important? I should clearly teach a photography school.

Oh wait but we should back up to Friday afternoon because LOOK WHAT I DID. No big deal.

Friday evening the four of us played Shanghai, which is really fun, except I lost and I was pissed, and then we played Heads Up. It's a game you can download onto your phone or iPad and it's basically charades adn it's hilarious and you guys really should play it, like right now, or tonight.

Our family's Mother's Day get together was Saturday afternoon, and I had been charged with making the cake, which is normal. I've been making the cake and icing (we don't use the canned crap) for a few years and I've gotten pretty good at it. But of course my level of confidence needed to be checked and my cake fell apart. Thankfully my brother had brought a banberry pie from LA so he saved the day. Except his pie kind of got ruined during the drive. Appetizing, right? Really though, they were both delicious. And one day I'll post the recipe for the cake and the icing. But today is not that day. (LOTR quote.)

Obviously I posted a Mother's Day picture... it's really important to edit the photos so you give you and your mom demon eyes. I should definitely teach a photography school.

Saturday night Keith and I went for a night hike and he's a way better hiker than I, but he stopped when I needed to, and we made it to the top of the mountain around 10:15pm. It was SO windy and cold and I didn't take any pictures because it was also dark. But it was a lot of fun and I didn't fall off the mountain which is a pretty big accomplishment for me.

On Saturday I also died over how cute my niece is. She had some snacks in a ziplock bag... at 7.5 months she still has no teeth but she can eat stuff that she can gum to death, but she didn't care about the snacks. She was just obsessed with sucking on the bag and looking absolutely adorable.

She also tries to scrunch her nose.

The end.
Oh also I am watching Game of Thrones and I love it.

The Rachael Way


  1. Holy crap she is so adorable. I'm kind of obsessed with my new niece and feel like a crazy lady posting pics of her all the time. But whatevs, she's cute. And you and your mister are adorable, too. I can tell you're pretty smitten :)

  2. Stop it with that face! She's the cutest baby around.

  3. You and your hiking never fail to make me feel like a big whale. Thanks for that. Friend.

  4. You and your damn hiking. haha. I love your niece.

  5. Game of Thrones is my favorite! But heads up, everyone you love will die! :)

  6. I love that all your desserts fell apart.

  7. In my opinion, appearance is crap! What really matters is how it tastes!!!

  8. That game looks too smart for me.

  9. YES! Keith is awesome for surprising you. I'm glad you got to see him.

    And no lie, I had never heard of 2048 so I thought you legit won 2048 DOLLARS. FAIL on my part.

  10. I havent watched game of thrones yet but I hear it was awesome!

  11. I am SO PROUD OF YOU for getting 4096.
    Baby Kate is my absolute favourite.
    You're really pretty.
    And I'm glad you didn't fall off the mountain and die during your night hike... I'd probably miss you.

  12. CAN YOU SHOW ME YOUR 2048 WAYS!!? that is awesome, I am so proud of you, and I don't even know you like that! Also, that baby is too, too cute.

  13. So I was going to come here and be super amazed that you posted two recipes in a row and then I realized you didn't post two, you posted one, Lindsay posted the other. And then after I typed all of that out, I realized that you posted zero because you didn't share the cake recipe and I was too lazy to delete everything.


  14. you're basically the prettiest lady in all the land and it makes me want to break things.