Thursday, March 6, 2014

If you tell a boy you blog...

Today, when I leave work, I'm hopping in my car and blasting my Harry Potter books on tape CD and driving 4 1/2 hours to visit a friend in Southern California. Remember when I posted about how I have to start hiking because I was going to go hiking with a friend who is ACTUALLY a hiker? Yeah, that's this weekend. I'm happy to report that I've been hiking and I'm not nervous about this weekend. Wait, that's a lie. I'm not nervous about the endurance part, but I am pretty nervous that I'm going to trip over something and break an ankle. That's a legitimate fear since I bruised my foot when I sat down in my desk chair the other day. Just call me Scarlett.
If you've never seen "Scarlett takes a tumble" on YouTube, do it NOW.
Also this is basically what happens to me all of the time. I'm a faller.

I'm totally off track again.
But that's no different from any other day around these parts.
Wait, look at these pictures of my hikes!

Ahem. Moving on.

So the other night this friend and I, we'll call him Kevin (I'm going to have to write myself a character guide or something to remember all the fake names I give people), were on the phone, and I was telling him about my blog and Twitter and all of the good stuff. Yes, I voluntarily told somebody about my blog. He didn't really care about the blog at all until I mentioned that I've driven down south to visit/meet people on two different occasions.
Kevin: Wait, wait, wait. You drove like, 6 hours to go meet somebody you'd never met before?
Me: Yeah. I stayed in a hotel room with her and her mom.
Kevin: You slept in a hotel room with a stranger???
Me: Yeah. And we shared a bed. And she's not a stranger. I've read all about her life on the internet.
Kevin: WHAT? Juliette, that's not safe AT ALL. And for ME to say it's not safe means it's REALLY not safe. How do know she's who she says she is??
Me: Hahahahahahahaha. Ok Dad. I think it would be pretty hard to write fake stuff on a blog for 2 years, and to post fake Instagrams for who knows how long, and to constantly update your Twitter about stuff you really don't care about, just to try to catfish somebody.
Kevin: This is so weird. Wait what's catfishing?
Me: Seriously? You don't know what catfishing is? But trust me, it's not weird. It's just weird to you because you're not a blogger and also ... well, you're a BOY. *I really emphasized the word BOY so he knew what a difference that makes*
Kevin: No, trust me, it's weird.
Me: It's really not. Oh, that reminds me, I made a new blogging friend in Texas and I'll need to make a trip out there to meet her one of these days. I also need to go to Colorado, Canadia, Seattle, Ohio, North Carolina, and like so many other states. And I need to do this soon.
Kevin: Did you just say Canadia?
Me: Yeah. Shut up. You're missing the point.
Kevin: That's going to be a long trip.
Me: I know. And you're definitely NOT invited.
Kevin: Good. I didn't want to be invited.
Me: Don't lie to me. You'd have so much fun.
Kevin: This is so weird.
Me: I'm totally going to blog about this.
Kevin: This is so weird.
Me: YOU'RE weird.
He really doesn't get it. But that's ok, he doesn't need to. I have a feeling he's going to get a little annoyed this weekend why I take my phone on our two (two!) hikes and keep stopping to take pictures because I'll need them for Instagram and the blog. He'll probably also get annoyed when he says something funny and I pull out my phone and say, "WAIT I HAVE TO TWEET WHAT YOU JUST SAID!" And he'll most definitely get annoyed when I insist that we take a bunch of selfies because "Come ON, Kevin, the blog world needs to see your face!!!!!"

Oh that's me and Kevin.

Have you ever had conversations like this? Have you ever successfully convinced a non-blogger that blogging isn't as weird as they think it is? 



  1. You can't just call Kevin your friend and except the people to believe you. ALSO.. Kevin doesn't like me already which means I don't like him so whatever. Also, you look like a little baby. KBYE

  2. This member of the blog world definitely wants to see Kevin's face. Have fun hiking!! I think that in general, a lot of BOYS just don't get blogging...much like they don't get a lot of things. haha


  4. I have yet to convince my mother blogging isn't weird. Every time I tell her I'm going to meet up, she swears I'm going to die or something.

  5. HA! I think all my friends think it is weird because they are jealous. I actually have convinced some friends to start blogs and they get it eventually. Hope the weekend is super fun!

  6. I'm with Sami ^^^ I don't buy this "friend" thing for even a hot second. Whatever you call him, Kevin is really really really ridiculously good looking. I'm feeling really good about this. AND OH MY GOSH I'm your Texan friend and I feel so famous now.

  7. My dad completely freaked out when I had my first blate. He did not approve.

  8. blates are too too weird to explain to people who don't get it. I met my blog bestie this summer with both of our at the time boyfriends (guess who's is still around....ok obviously not mine) but they just tagged along they are both awkward and shy so it was just her and i and then her/bf and her and then mine and me they JUST DONT GET IT. But it was a lot of fun because we had people to take cute pics for us...AND we met up in DC so it was like artsy and cute. YES BLOGGERS WE IS ARTSY. I need sleep.

  9. Its so funny that you would post about this today, because last night I tried to show shane my blog! lol, I dont know what came over me, but he couldnt have been any less interested. It was hilarious. Guys just dont get it! love you!

  10. I can't even comment on this post because I'm so offended that Seattle wasn't first on your list. Theend.

  11. He's really good looking. You should keep him around! And good luck hiking this weekend! take tons of pretty pics!

  12. You are soo brave to travel to meet so many people via the blogging world! It's awesome! And those views are gorgeous! Where did you hike in San Diego, that view looks familiar ;-)

  13. It's about 50/50 with the people I tell that I blog, half think I am completely off my rocker and the other half think it sounds kind of neat. Some people just don't understand :D

  14. i don't tell anyone about my blog; i can't even stand talking about it with people i know in real life!

    Vodka and Soda

  15. I'm with them. Kevin is really good looking. And I can't believe you put his face on the blog. That's like halfway to telling us his name.

  16. SO wait, are you in Norcal?! Can we hang out?? My friends all know the the no. 1 rule when we go out is to NOT mention the blog to dudes.

  17. Ahem. You forgot Alabama.

    Also Kevin is my brother's name so this wasn't weird for me at all. Also I really hope you don't break anything on your hike.

  18. Hi Kevin!!! If you wanna get with Juliette you gotta get with her {blog} friends!

  19. I think it would be awesome to meet some of my fellow bloggers, especially the ones that I chat with a lot. Guys just don't get it, but they would totally meet up with someone they play video games with... Cause that isn't creepy...

  20. I met my boyfriend online and he still, for some odd rreason, thinks it's weird that I am making friends through my blog.

  21. Your conversation with "Kevin" is why the only people IRL who know about my blog are my boyfriend and my mom. My friends would NOT understand, they think Facebook is already putting too much out there! Also, I can totally relate to Scarlett, she's pretty much me, except I try to refrain from recording myself when falling off tables.

  22. Umm so how did you meet "Kevin"? Did I miss that story? Also, I imagine that I would have a thousand conversations like this one and that's why I avoid telling anyone I can about my blog!
    And finally, I cannot stop watching Scarlett. She's always good for a laugh! ;)

  23. HAHA that GIF...I'm dying over here. I do agree that people (mostly guys) don't understand blogging. I think it's cute (and sometimes weird) that My Guy reads my blog. Good luck on your hike, I can't wait to read all about it!

  24. HA! Oh my god too funny. My fiancee is the same exact way when I take my phone out to snap photos everywhere we go. I'm so jealous of your hikes too! Chicago obviously does not provide any such opportunities :( . On a brighter note, I've nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award since it's so awesome and amazing! Check it out here!

  25. HA, my boo is very proud of me going after my ~bloggy dreams~ but I don't let him read it. is that mean?

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  26. Dawhhh such a precious love story to tell the grandkids<3

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