Friday, November 8, 2013


     Last night was supposed to be a quiet night in with some of Jacey's and my mutual friends (we usually do a Bible study on Thursdays). After two cancelations and just a little bit of deliberation, we decided it was time to finally go to happy hour at an Italian restaurant downtown. We'd been wanting to go for a while but it just never worked out, mostly because we tried to go on the weekend and happy hours are few and far between on weekends, which makes sense but it's inconvenient for my life. So we got dressed up (which meant I had to wear a bra after it was dark outside which is a mild form of torture for me) (oh and I wore jeans and I wasn't happy about it) and headed out to Giuseppe's, where I had my first Cosmo, (plus two), a mystery shot, and these delicious spicy baked garbanzo beans. And a meatball slider.
     Since Jacey and I are just bright sunshiney rays of happiness whenever we're together we ended up making friends with the bartenders. That was a total lie, we ended up making friends with them because I was being my usual sarcastic (i.e. mean) self and Jacey was apologizing for my behavior.
Nate the bartender takes away my empty water glass.
Me: Oh now you're trying to get rid of me?
Nate: ...
Jacey: Excuse her, she's kind of mean.
Me: He can take it.
Nate: ....
(Nate gives me a full glass of water)
Jacey: We'll have another round.
     But you know what, this resulted in Nate and "Dammit, Tom!" becoming our friends. Tom was the other bartender, and somehow we ended up calling him "Dammit, Tom!" for the whole night, and he loved it. Several times he was down at the other end of the bar and we would just yell "Dammit, Tom!!" and he'd start laughing. "Dammit, Tom!" just rolls right off the tongue. Try it. OUT LOUD.
     When you're friends with the bartenders they give you free things.
     And they make you mystery shots.
Nate: What else can I get you? Anything you want.
Nate: know what, yeah, sure. Anything.
Me: ... hmmmmm.
Jacey: He's talking about drinks.
Me: Oh. I was going to ask him to do 50 pushups.
Jacey: You're so bad at this.
Me: I know. HEY NATE. I want a flaming Lamborghini.
Nate: I can't light anything on fire, it's against the law.
Me: Sooooo when you said ANYTHING, you didn't actually mean ANYTHING, did you?
Nate: It doesn't count if it's ILLEGAL.
Me: You sound like a quitter.
     Nate walked away and we decided we wanted an ombre drink because it would look pretty in pictures. Jacey said Nate probably wouldn't know what ombre was. I decided to give Nate a little credit.
Me: Nate, do you know what ombre is?
Nate: Sure!
Me and Jacey: Really?
Nate: Yeah, you mean 'hombre' like, you're brother, right?
Me and Jacey:
Nate: Oh. Do you mean 'hambre' like hungry?
     So we just asked him to make us a drink with 3 different colors. "But colors that look good together so we can take pictures!!"
Nate: You want complementary colors?
Us: YES.
I told Nate I wanted to take a picture of him holding the shot but he refused.
I told him he was no fun.

     This is what he made. It's blue curacao, pomegranate something, and rumplemintz. It tasted like toothpaste but it wasn't bad. Plus it was free so we really had no room to complain. I definitely wouldn't ask for this specific drink, however. No thanks, give me a white gummi bear, a Washington apple, a cactus cooler, or liquid marijuana any day before I'd ask for this.

     Then we left and the moral of the story is that sometimes you need to turn off Sons of Anarchy, put a bra on, and go to happy hour and make friends with the bartenders.

    DAMMIT, TOM!!!
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  1. i LOVE washington apples and cactus coolers. but WHAT is a white gummi bear and liquid marijuana?! i feel like i need these in my life.

  2. Awww how fun! I love that insta pic of you two. Cosmos are the BEST. You're so pretty, lover!

  3. You sound like a quitter!! Bwahahaha!! Love it! White Gummi Bear? Do tell! Making friends with the bartender is a rule one should not break! Only good things can come from it!

  4. I read the title of this post *shudder*. In college, Rumplemintz was my favorite shot. It was the first "drink" my now husband (then just a guy who wanted in my pants) bought me. However, I can no longer drink it. The mere thought of it makes me gag. I had FOUR of those 100 proof badasses. And was left horribly ill. But I've never had it mixed in with anything since. That shot...drink?? looks good though!!!

  5. I meant to say FOUR of those shots in 30 minutes....

  6. That's hilarious. I said Dammit Tom outloud and my coworker looked at me like I was stupid. (Only girls work here...)
    Awksauce. Sounds like I need to venture to a bar in a resteraunt and have a mystery drink this weekend.

    › xo fal •

  7. Not even kidding I had a good friend named Tom in college and he got called Dammit Tom quite a bit. Also have you ever tried rumplemintz with lemonade? It's the kitties titties.

  8. This sounds like a very productive Thursday night, in my opinion. I have never even heard of any of these drinks you speak of. Maybe I should make a shot wish list. Does that exist? haha

  9. ahhh. the title of this post makes my skin crawl. haha. you seem like my kind of girl with all those drink varieties!

  10. Washington Apples get me in troubs. You're funny tho girlie, you always make me giggle.

  11. OH MAN just thinking of liquid marijuana makes me nauseous. Bad flashbacks from my 21st birthday. That drink is pretty, but the cosmos look better.

  12. Next time I go out drinking I'm just going to yell "DAMMIT TOM" and see if anyone responds.

  13. Sounds like a fun night! Now I want a multi color drink like yours haha!


  14. i hate rumplemintz and i don't like drinking toothpaste but i wil drink alcohol. so i think what im trying to say is i would ahve drank it too.

  15. Sounds like you had an awesome night :D

  16. Haha love the drinks! And I am the same way about bras :)

  17. I don't knooooooow... bra-less and Sons of Anarchy is actually a damn good time. I mean, naked Jax!?!
    haha but I LOVE how mean you are. soul sister. "you sound like a quitter."

  18. I think Jax is very proud of you for getting out there and harassing the bartenders!

  19. I love that you're mean because that's how I am and that's why we are friends and also this made me miss when we were at that one winery and we flirted with the wine pourers until we had to leave. TAKE ME BACK.

  20. I love this so much. I usually always make friends with the bartenders, and it's usually by being mean.
    This really just reinforces that I neeeeeeed to come drink with you.

    Also, you're like really really pretty. Love that pic of you and Jacey :)

  21. I went through a phase after college when i worked at a dive bar where we would take shots of Rumplimintz (Rumple) for FUN. Then I'd wake up the next morning, go to brush my teeth and have immediate gagging flashbacks to the night before. Barf. The word Rumple gives me hee-bee-jee-bees now. I'll take very COLD fireball please and thank you :)