Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween and I need a favor

     Sometimes Jacey and I decide we're going to dedicate ourselves to a healthier lifestyle (but it never works out because candy chips and carbs in general). When we do this we usually try to give up Diet Coke which is basically like torture but we do it anyway (no we don't). Anyway, this week we've sort of been trying to cut down on our Coke addiction, but since we were going to be eating Chipotle and margaritas last night we thought we might need to have some of the nectar of the gods just in case (in case of what? Oh I don't know, anything? YOU NEVER KNOW). Now, let me ask you this: imagine you're walking down the "soda and new age beverages" aisle of the grocery store (what the hell is a new age bevvie) and you see that fantastic yellow sticker that tells you Diet Coke (or whatever drink you love) is only $.77 instead of $1.89?? WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? I reached for the drink and then Jacey turned to me and said, "Don't get two!" right as I was pulling the third bottle off of the shelf and into my loving arms. But they're more than HALF OFF!! They're practically GIVING IT AWAY!!  So we compromised and came home with two bottles of Diet Coke and we didn't even drink any of it.
     We went to Chipotle at 3:56 and paid full price because we weren't in costume AND it wasn't even 4. I wasn't mad about it.
     Hocus Pocus was really great and I think it's really unfair that the witches get to have a vacuum cleaner and I don't.
     If Winifred "died" 300 years before, how did she know what a driver's permit was?
     Dani is SO ANNOYING.
     I made amazing margaritas.

Why on God's green earth would you put the DIET FOOD next to all that other shit?

 Baby Kate was a cat...for about 22 mintutes and then I heard she had some kind of "issue" (it was poop) that resulted in one of 5 costume changes yesterday.
     I had the best Halloween ever because we live in an area without any families so that meant that the bowl of candy we got for last night stayed on the couch with us while we ate our Chipotle, drank margaritas, and watched Hocus Pocus (and I didn't have to wear a bra for any of it). We also played our newest game that doesn't have a name yet but if you want to see what it is just click here and watch the Instagram video from Tuesday.
     If you're a skimmer and only read the first and last paragraphs of a post that's fine (no it's not) because this is really the part I need want you to read. If you've spent any time on Twitter or read any posts the last couple of weeks then you may remember me mentioning that I get to meet Ashten from Always Ashten on SUNDAY. We're going to drink, watch football, and hug periodically until we make everyone uncomfortable. We are also going to be filming a vlog. My first vlog, actually. Ashten has been vlogging for over a month so she's a seasoned professional and I'm going to be sitting there trying to figure out how to speak in caps lock and wondering what do I do with my hands. Since we all know speaking in caps lock isn't possible (or is it???) I would love it if you'd give us some questions to answer. You can go shallow (my favorite food is sandwiches and Ashten's is probably coffee) or deep (no suggestions here), it's up to you. Have at it and we'll be filming on Sunday after we've had a few drinks which means my cheeks will be red because that, friends, is my tell.
     And now I'm going to finish the rest of this candy.

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  1. You KNOW I have questions:
    1. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
    2. Do any of your friends know about blogging?
    3. Tell us a dating disaster you haven't shared yet.

    Can't wait to watch the vlog!!

  2. I love love love Hocus Pocus but that driver's permit thing has always really really bothered me! They didn't even know what a road was when they first came back (they thought it was a black river!) yet she knows what a driver's permit is? So wrong

  3. Your niece is beyond precious.

    Also, buying the diet Coke was the right thing. How are you going to pass up that kind of deal?

  4. Haha I love everything about this post!! The baby is adorable, I love hocus pocus, and you being a cat for 22 min made me laugh :)

  5. I died last night reading your tweets. I couldn't stop laughing. You should pick a movie each week to do that with. K? Thanks

  6. Sounds like a fun Halloween! I'm pumped because I'm getting all of my parents left over candy! Also Baby Kate is too cute!!


  7. BUT THE REAL QUESTION: Are you going to wear a bra and skip eating candy in the vlog?!? And, I didn't even watch Hocus Pocus this year... Please remind me that I have no Halloween soul. Although, I redeem myself because I spent that time reading Harry Potter.

  8. Haha, I love that the word "And" gets its own line on the aisle sign.