Monday, July 29, 2013

There's no alcohol at a baby shower

    Last Thanksgiving my family let me be in charge of cooking Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure that by the end of the day my family was irritated with me because of how "in charge" I was (i.e. bitchy bossy). But you know what? Even though I may have been Little Miss Bossypants, Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and we're all still friends, and ever since last November I've felt almost fully equipped to be in charge of more big events. So on Saturday I threw my sister a baby shower, I think I accidentally went into bitch mode. But you know what?

And get stuff done I did, and the shower was a success, and I'm completely exhausted and I need to sleep for the next three days but that's not going to happen. Real fast, here's some tips if you ever throw a shower:

-It might not be a bad idea to have a drink before hand. Just one though, don't get cray.
-If you're going to be outside, don't wear long sleeves. You'll sweat so much.
-Be organized. Don't throw everything in random bags because if you do, clean up will SUCK.
-Don't cry. It'll be over soon enough.

And now, picture overkill! YAY.
Painting picture frames.
Putting cupcake batter in a baggie and squeezing so hard it exploded. *insert joke here*
Making frosting.
Making goodie bags.
Chocolate drizzled pretzel rods.
Cupcake toppers.
Marshmallows on a stick drizzled with white chocolate and dipped in pink sprinkles.

My brother-in-law made me breakfast Saturday morning.

Baby Shower Time.

Thanks to Pinterest I had really high expectations.
Thanks to my incredibly crafty mother we were able to execute most of my ideas!
We didn't really have a set theme (because I'm not THAT organized, come on), but everything was pink and girly and there were homemade pinwheels everywhere.

Pink lemonade and water. Everyone got a mason jar with pink and white ribbon wrapped around it and there were a ton of the swirly cardboard straws. My sister is a dancer so we also had mini Aquafina water bottles with pink and white striped or polka dotted paper wrapped around and then tulle so it looked like a tutu. If I were a DIY blogger I'd post a tutorial and pin it but I wouldn't even know how to start with that.
(Step one: buy a water bottle.
Step two: Get your crafty mom to finish making it.)

The shower was held at my sister's husband's grandma's house (there has to be an easier way to say that). She has a beautiful patio and backyard that was perfect for the event! I should have taken more pictures of the yard. Oops. Blogger fail. On the bar in the patio we set up all the food. Look at it.

Instead of playing traditional baby shower games that everyone hates we opted to just have a onesie decorating table. We hung plain white onesies (newborn-12 months) with clothespins and had a table of puff paints. My sister now has about 20 onesies that have puff paint all over them. Most of them are pretty cute. I tried to make one that said "My aunt is single!" but it got dropped on the ground and ruined. Figures.

These cupcake toppers were my favorite part. I'm a little disappointed in the actual cupcakes because I planned on using pink polka dotted liners but it didn't work out. Then the frosting I made (just call me Betty f*&$%*$ Crocker) took forever and the cupcakes were sort of crumbling BUT the toppers were adorable!! Those are stickers that I put on cardstock and then cut out and hot glued onto different kinds of toothpicks. I was sad to have to throw them away but they're so easy to make, I'll probably do it again.

I had no idea that diaper cakes are so easy to make but apparently they are because two people made them and raved about them.

My sister's mother in law put pink and white ice cream in little mason jars and then put them in an old fashioned baby bathtub! It was adorable!!

Is my sister not the most adorable pregnant lady EVER??
September can't come soon enough!!
PS the baby's room has pink stripes on the wall and a CHANDELIER.
It's a princess room and I want to live there.

FINALLY at 6pm the shower was over and everything was cleaned up and I went to my sister's house and immediately poured myself a strawberry mimosa (my favorite FYI) and let loose. I hung out with a guy and we talked a lot and he was a giant flirt and I mostly laughed at him, but I can't put that whole experience in the same post as the baby shower so please make sure to tune in tomorrow to hear about the rest of Saturday night and how he peed on the lawn (twice!) and sort of proposed to me.
Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. aww - the shower looks like the cutest thing ever! i want tutus on all of my water bottles now!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Seriously could the shower BE any cuter? I think not. I just want to hear more about this dude though I'm not going to lie. Your tweets were OOC and I loved it.

  3. So, when I get pregnant, will you throw my baby shower?

    Most darn adorable baby shower EVER.

  4. I just found your blog last week and I am literally DYING reading your posts! (totally read back like 2 months worth just this morning at work...I'm either A) not busy today at work or B) a huge creep)...probably B

    you did an AMAZZZE job girl on everything!!! the cake toppers, the adorable hanging onesies, the pretzel rods. So so cool!!

    i go into TOTAL bitch/control mode if i ever have my family over for dinner. My bf and i live in a small apartment and everytime they come over we go into frenzy mode cleaning up (lets be honest, we dont keep it clean when its just us) haha and I'll tell my family to come at 7 and they come at 6:30 and once I even made them wait in the car so we could finish getting stuff ready. Boyfriend thinks im a whackjob.

    Cant wait to read more! Your sis is such a cute preggo!


  5. Look at you being all Martha Stewart and shit.
    I'm ready for this date story.

  6. IF I ever get married and have babies, I'm flying you to NC to do my showers. Obvi I'm expecting to be married to a rich man. Next. I need to know how to make a strawberry mimosa like yesterday.

  7. are Martha Freakin Stewart...and also a really great sister. Looks like you put a lot of effort into a good time! You deserve that mimosa hardcore!

  8. you did such a great job with the shower!
    everything looks so adorable!

  9. Oh wow!! The shower turned out beautifully! That strawberry mimosa was well deserved :)

  10. Strawberry mimosas may be my absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world. Excellent choice ;)

  11. All those decorations are adorable! And I cannot wait to hear about Mr. Flirt peeing on the lawn haha. Sounds like someone drank too much!

  12. I can't wait for the guy-recap. Your tweets were HILARIOUS about him and peeing on the lawn. Also, you are an awesome shower thrower.

  13. Oh my gosh. Even though it was live-texted to me I CANNOT wait for tomorrow's post!!!

    Also, great job on that baby shower! It looks incredible!!

  14. You went to cray cray lengths for this shower and I love it! Plan mine? Wait, scratch that. My bachelorette party?

  15. Oh-my-word!
    The party looked so precious. Loved the little onesies hanging outside.
    I must say, you did a hell of a job! Your sisi owes you BIG!

    New follower:)


  16. Um, call me a creep but I cannot wait to hear this date story! And you're officially throwing me a baby shower when I get hitched and knocked up.. whichever comes first. JK, education first!
    But really though, it looks adorable, and I want to be that little baby princess cause her room sounds nicer than mine!

  17. Damn girl you put together one hell of a baby shower! I can't wait to read about the rest of your Saturday night.

  18. Adorable set-up! Pregaming any event is always a great idea.

  19. That baby shower is adorable! You did an awesome job setting it up :D

  20. Holy WOW... YOU. DID. IT. UP. Talk about bitches getting it done. I'm not even pregnant and I want you to give me a baby shower. Killer job babe. Saw you on the link up!