Monday, July 8, 2013

This weekend was about my dad

My weekend wasn't really blog worthy, but don't think a silly fact like that is going to keep me from boring you with it! My whole family [minus my younger sister] got together on Saturday for my dad's birthday and it was fun, but not especially exciting. I did some sleeping in, some cooking (yeah, I'm domestic, WHAT?), and spent some quality time with my siblings. Oh AND I spent hours searching for a birthday card for my dad. Why do all the cards for men have to do with beer, boobs, and sagging balls?? I'll never know. 

On Friday, my new fanciness from Fifth & Mae came, and I am obsessed.
Maybe it's just because I've never worn them before but I can't seem to get the knuckle rings to look right on my knuckles. Whatevs, I still love them. I also got some coral studs and the dainty branch necklace.
And there's something about my man hands (not to be confused with Regina George's man shoulders) that keeps me from ever taking good pictures of rings on my fingers. It's irritating and I'm about ready to stop trying.

Look! I made strawberry pie!!
There was a cat.

Somehow, after all the food and presents, all ten of us ended up watching Jeopardy, because we are the definition of excitement. 

Moving is my dad's actual birthday, so let's focus on that for a few minutes.

Dear Dad,
     Happy birthday! You don't look a day over 48 (depending on what you think a 48 year old man looks like). Thanks for letting me take you out for pancakes and waffles today, and for not getting too embarrassed when I insisted on saying, "IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY," to the entire restaurant. I only did that because you did that to me on my birthday. Thank you for always making sure we understood the importance of family, and for spending time for each of us individually. Thank you for letting me write the checks at the grocery store. Thank you for playing Nerf Wars with me, Robert, and Ange. Thank you for being at every soccer game, track meet, and piano recital we had. Thank you for loving Mom and showing us by example what a loving, committed, and God-centered marriage looks like. And thank you for opening every door for me and making it pretty much impossible to find a man who lives up to the standard of gentleman-ness (it's a word) that you have set. I love you.
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  1. love love love Fifth and Mae! I got the infinity bracelet and some black earrings and I love them all!

  2. Love fifth and mae! Happy birthday to your father! I love jeopardy and cats. Oh, and I can't wait to see how many people find your blog because they searched "sagging balls"...

    Just some random thoughts.

  3. so sweet!!! and those rings are so pretty!!

  4. Awww! The rings are great and I love the photo of you and your dad sleeping.

  5. The rings and pie are both gorgeous! Glad you had a good weekend! xo Rach

  6. I've been seeing Fifth & Mae around the blog world a lot so I definitely think I need to check it out!