Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby got googly eyes

Lollipop (feat. Static Major) by Lil Wayne on Grooveshark
    There's nothing quite like staring at a computer screen for hours and deleting sentence after sentence after sentence. You guys have been there, right? So I apologize in advance that this is completely random and has nothing to do with anything. But I mean, I have some pictures so that's gotta count for something, right? Oh and obviously I'm backing my azz up with Whitney because DUH.

      Last night I went back to Applebee's (you remember Applebee's from last Friday's post) and was SO HAPPY to see that the googly eyes I put up are still there. All of them. So I added some more, to the Shock Top tap.

Then Faith peer pressured me into chugging a margarita some water.

And OH MY GOSH did this just turn into a gif???

Let's move on to some famous people.

Sorry I'm too distracted by that smile to even care that Luke Bryan has googly eyes on his face.
Fine, I'll shake it for you.

My obsession with Leo just keeps growing. I hated the Gatsby movie (don't judge me) but I love Leo. Like, he can't do anything wrong.

Is it just me or does it look like little miss Julia has a little bit of a Tom Cruise tooth going on?
Cannot unsee.

I'd like to help George get over his breakup with the Kiebs.

Does anyone still care if we ever see a picture of baby North?
I feel like everyone's moved on to the royal baby.

Move over Miley.

And that concludes the worst post ever.
Let's shake it.
Do it for Luke.     
Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot on Grooveshark
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  1. yuck, that Tom Cruise teeth thing bothers me so bad!!

  2. I enjoyed our drinking at Applebee's last know so you weren't alone.

  3. This obsession of yours is easily my favorite adventure to follow along with.

  4. LOLOLOL...this cracked me up. So happy I found your blog! Happy Friday!

  5. I wasn't too fond of gatsby either. Oh well

  6. I'm mad that you didn't post the video/GIF of you chugging a MARGARITA. But it happened and we both know it.

    Also, I will never get sick of these googly eyes. Ever.

  7. Omgosh. I love/hate that picture of Tom Cruise. That will bother me forever now. But it also makes me laugh. Alsooo, this is more like the best post ever. Especially Luke. Those googly eyes just work for him.

  8. That gif of you chugging water...I die. I love that you don't know how it turned into a gif either.

    Hey there Luke Bryan! :)