Thursday, June 6, 2013

Texts on a Thursday (Screenshot Edition)

The ability to screenshot is one of my favorite features of my iPhone. My old school Android couldn't do it and I was always really sad about it. But now I screenshot EVERYTHING.

So this week's edition of Texts on a Thursday (TOT) is a screenshot edition.
(Jacey is grey and on the left, I'm blue and on the right.)

Sometimes I like to tell Jacey about my dreams.

Sometimes Jacey asks me what she should do on her days off.
And I give her great ideas and she completely ignores them.

Sometimes Jacey gives me TMI.

Sometimes we talk about what's wrong with the world.

Translation: "Riddy" means "Really"

The other night I met a nice (much older) man in downtown SLO and Jacey was trying to convince me to go on a date with him and when I said NO (for the 23rd time) she shared the reasons behind her persistence.

And the rest of these are all about Jacey's new boyfriend, Joshua.
Not Josh. JOSHU(W)A.
He lives three hours away so they're ALWAYS on the phone.
Love/like/infatuation is demanding.
(If you need a drinking game just drink every time you read his name. It'll get the job done QUICK.)

Sometimes Jacey and I have the same brain.


One time Jacey and I had plans.
Then Joshu(w)a surprised her.
I was not amused.
(We did hang out tomorrow night)

Sometimes I give Jacey a reality check.

Sometimes I share my vast knowledge of Sex and the City with Jacey.
BUT she hasn't really seen it so she doesn't get it.
Life is hard.

Ok, Jacey, are you happy? This was all for you.
Please give me better material for next time.
And please stop telling me to call Kball. I'm not going to.
And let's go back to Firestone but let's sit on the OTHER side of the bar because nothing bad happens on the other side of the bar. I bet our drinks will stay right side up.

What funny things do your friends say to YOU?
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