Monday, June 3, 2013

I have an awesome sister

Today my sister turns 29!
Growing up, our four-year age difference seemed HUGE. We couldn't relate at all. We fought ALL the time, admittedly because I was a little brat and took her clothes and bugged her when she was with her friends, but I promise it was only because I wanted to be just like her.
(I still kinda want to be just like her.)
She had the coolest hair, the biggest coolest bedroom, the coolest overalls clothes, AND she was a dancer.
AND she had braces. Life was so unfair.

Thankfully as the years have gone on, things have changed, and my jealousy of how cool Kathrene was (is) has turned into a deep admiration and a great friendship.
Kathrene, you are such a great sister! Thanks for always being there when I need to talk, and for always having a positive outlook on anything life throws your way. I'm so excited to watch you become an aunt in just a few months!! I love you!

At Thanksgiving we usually do some kind of writing competition, and in 2011 we had to write a poem, short story, or some kind of trivia and read it to everyone.
Kathrene came with gangsta props and proceeded to belt out a rap about Thanksgiving to the beat/tune of Sir Mixx A Lot's Baby Got Back.
It was something like,
"I like big turkeys and I cannot lie..."
And I WISH I could remember the rest!
We were all in tears from laughing so hard.
She won the competition that year for SURE.

Thank you, Kathrene:
-for making up the dance to "Robin Hood and Little John,"
-for teaching me about makeup when I was eleven,
-for talking with me about boys,
-for not getting mad when I 'borrowed' your clothes,
-forgetting me into Parenthood,
-for never giving up on anything,
-for letting me have your room when you house-sat,
-for how hard you work,
-for always making it a point to be present for family events,

-for showing me (by example) how important shoes are,
-for never complaining,
-for letting me stay at your house and making sure I have everything I need,

and for our friendship which will only continue to get stronger.
I am so proud of everything you have accomplished, and I am so beyond blessed to call you my sister.
I love you.

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