Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Week

This week started off just like any other week. Sleeping in. Visiting Grandma and Uncle Art. Having dinner with my parents. Being stressed about finding a job.

Then, on Friday, I got hired. Full-time. In an ideal location. With benefits. I start tomorrow and have to be at work at 7am!!! That means I'll need to get up before 5:30 so I will have time to have coffee, some food, and get ready to go. For someone who isn't a morning person, this will be hard! But I'm actually looking forward to it (so far).

Then, around 4:30 this morning, Uncle Art died.  
  (L=Grandma R=Uncle Art)

This man was pretty incredible. The above picture was taken last November at his 98th birthday party. He was a Marine, a contractor, a husband, a brother, an uncle/great uncle, an inspiration. Last Thanksgiving he was telling stories about being in WWII at Iwo Jima back when they first raised that flag. He was always smiling. And he loved the Lord with all his heart.

A few nights ago my aunt held his hand and told him that the Lord was going to come get him soon. His response was, "thank goodness." 

He was ready. And now he is in heaven, which is what he's been looking forward to. 

His presence will be missed, but there is such JOY and COMFORT and PEACE in knowing where he is now: in a better place than anyone can imagine! Praise the Lord!

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