Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been watching the girls since Tuesday morning. All day. All night. Getting up at 6 or 7 to take the older one to school, and not going back to sleep because the youngest one wants to PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAY. But it's fine. And it's fun. Until last night.

The refrigerator broke.

And I posted about it on facebook and got 88 comments on my status about it and more on a photo I posted, and I was cracking up, alone, in a giant kitchen, at how funny some people are. And then today it wasn't funny, because the milk and cheese and everything else was spoiled. And the first repairman who came to fix it {Dmitri} hardly spoke English and kept repeating "Joo have warranty! Too much monies for joo to feek! Iz dee kompressor! De freeeeeeon iz leek!" And then the Sub-Zero man I called condescendingly nicely asked me if I was sure it was plugged in and the door was shut all the way. And then the slightly rude nice man from Sub-Zero gave me a number to call, so I did, and no one answered. So now all the food is spoiled. And when I was outside trying to make one of the bajillion phone calls (because there is no cell reception in the house) the littlest one was going up the steep driveway, so I tried to herd her back down and she tripped and pulled me down with her, and now she had a bruise on her face. But if that's the worst that's going to happen, I can live with that.

Also, the cord to my laptop has been chewed through {I WONDER HOW THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED. -__-} So I can't work on my laptop anymore. THANKFULLY I had recently e-mailed myself a copy of my NaNo work, so I only lost about 2,000 words. And I've lost a lot of time because I haven't been able to work on it as much at night.

And I am so so tired. BAH.
3 more hours ....

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