Wednesday, April 13, 2011


     On Monday my car got hit. I know, it sounds like a big deal, right? It's not. It is, however, extremely inconvenient!!! It happened while I was at "work." I was parked right out in front of the house on the (not too narrow) street. A mom in a van swiped my driver's side mirror and knocked part of it off and broke the glass. She came up to the door and told me and we exchanged information, so she'll take care of it. Correction: she'll take care of the FINANCIAL part of it. But that's only if I can actually get it to a shop and have them fix the problem. Unfortunately for me, most body repair shops are only open M-F, 8-5. Why is this unfortunate? Because I work M-F, 9-6. So technically I could get up and go drop off my car at 8 and still make it to work ... how? I don't have time! And she's paying out of pocket, so to set up a rental car is going to be so annoying!! Currently my mirror is being help together by zip-ties that were conveniently placed in the emergency kit gifted to me at Christmas a few years ago from wonderful Aunt Janet.

     She is now entered into my phone as "Lori-Who-Hit-My-Car!"

     Lots of other stuff on my mind. Mostly about exes. Ew. No thank you

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