Sunday, April 3, 2011

A boring update.

     It's a lazy day today. After a week of sweltering heat (the suffocating kind, not the nice kind that a glass of lemonade will complete), the weekend has been disgustingly muggy and not cozy at all. When I think of April, I think of brisk clear days, and rain. Lots of rain. NOT THIS TIME.  I label myself as a scrooge of summer. I hate the heat. It's sticky, uncomfortable, and in no way fun or pleasurable. Let's move on.

     We're extending our lease on the apartment until the end of September. So until then, at least, I'll be staying down here.  [Side note: the dog is wheezing ... if he throws up I may throw him off the balcony.]  If I didn't have a job that I love I would probably be way more apt to move home right now. But, nannying is a joy because 1) I love kids, and 2) I get to be in charge and no one treats me like the scum between their toes. So for now, it's perfect. Not forever though. But for now.

     Math. I have NEVER liked math. NEVER. My mom would always tell me I'm "so good at math, you just need to try! Be patient! You can do it!" I am not patient. And I hate math. But now I get to help the 10 year old with her 5th grade math. It's like a weird ironic trick the universe is playing on me. I know you've always hated math, so now I'm going to give you a job you love, but you have to endure math! And you have to endure it with a child who hates it just as viscerally as you did when you were younger! Ha ha, universe. Good one. But we're making out way through it (and thank the Lord for google ...).

     Life is good. Things are coming along nicely in most areas, and I'm happy. Happy and thankful and continually amazed at the way God can work things out just perfectly. I know I rarely understand His timing and His planning, but it truly is perfect. Now, if I could just work on that patience thing!

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