Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reality? Whose reality?

     I'll be the first to admit that I have guilty pleasures. These include and are not limited to:

  • Popsicles
  • Eating ice cream out of the carton
  • Sour Skittles
  • Vogue
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Reality Television
     The shows I watch vary from Jersey Shore to Bridalplasty to Real Housewives to ANTM to Say Yes to the Dress to Bachelor Pad to .... you get the picture, right? Anyhow, the lastest obsession was The Bachelor. A large part of the reason I find these shows so fascinating is because of how completely ridiculous and downright stupid most of them are! Seriously though, why and how can people become so involved and obsessed and invested in the lives of some of these people?? It baffles me, and sometimes it makes me a little angry. Stupid, I know. Moving on ...

     The Bachelor finale was tonight. I looooooove spoilers so I've been a big fan of Reality Steve since Jake's season a year ago (I know, not that long but whatever, I check it every Tuesday and Friday and sometimes in between as well) and I find it much more enjoyable to know the outcome of the show in advance. It's also pretty funny to hear someone else talk about how fake and contrived the show is, and remind viewers of the power of editing. I mean really, the entire show is edited to make things seem exactly how the producers want! The people on the show are filmed for most of they day and they have almost no privacy. There was probably plenty of material to make Michelle Money seem like a sweet little angel and Emily seem like the biggest biznatch in the house. One thing that wasn't edited or fake though, was the proposal.

     How ridiculous is it to actually expect that two people are going to go on a reality dating show, date each other for 6 weeks, get engaged and then make it last? I MEAN COME ON!!! There is NOTHING real about this show! Dating in real life is nothing like this. On The Bachelor/ette, dates are chosen and paid for in advance. That takes away the whole awkward "let me pull out my wallet and pretend like I want to pay when really, I just want to make you know that I'm not a gold digger" scenario. The Bachelor/ette is dating over 20 other people at the same time, and usually being very physical and emotionally intimate with several of them, so how does someone feel special or establish trust? And at the end of all of that, people have magically fallen in love and are convinced that it's "true love" or whatever that means. 

     Maybe I'm just a little too cynical or whatever, or maybe I'm just too realistic, but it just makes me mad. Watching these shows doesn't make me sigh wistful sighs or my ears glisten with hopeful tears. These shows make me want to vomit. Our world is completely screwed up if this is the vision of love to which people are supposed to hold. What is that?? Love is a feeling, but it is also an action. I'm not speaking from experience, but I'm not a bimbo. You can't marry a person you hardly know, at least not in today's recyclable society. Real, true love and commitment takes time, and effort, and sacrifice, and compromise. And it can't be broadcast of national television.

     Ugh. I just can't stand to see people get so invested in the lives of reality tv stars. Take a moment, step back, and look inside yourself and at the world immediately around you. That's how things are going to get better. Stop coveting what other people have, stop envying fame, and enjoy the moment. Seek things that will last. Seek God, realize your dreams, and go for them while you're glorifying God the whole time. 

     Also, I have a job. Yay!!!

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