Sunday, March 27, 2011


Not when I'm in front of the computer, ready to write. All day I have ideas and phrases and thoughts that I want to write down, but writing them on a piece of paper takes too long, and turning my computer on takes a while because it's 4 1/2 years old and every time I open it I swear I can hear it groaning and saying, seriously? Again? Don't you know how hard this is for me??

Some things I want to blog about:

  • John and Amy's wedding
  • My new job
  • My new outlook on life
  • New realizations
  • My relationship status
  • Time
And so many other things. Inspiration hits me at the most inopportune moments; driving to work when a new day is dawning and everything has that crisp morning smell that makes you feel like anything is possible, playing with the 1 year old in the backyard and watching her experience a slide or learn how to kick a soccer ball and realizing how much of an impact or influence I have on her young life, watching the neighbor kids play in the parking lot and remembering the good times in the church parking lot back home playing black cat and riding scooters and making chalk roads.

Most of the time it just feels like life is going by so quickly, but like I'm stuck at the same time. Sometimes I feel old (I'm not) and like I'm taking too long to do things (get a real job, settle down), but other times I feel like there is so much left for me to do before I settle into a routine (travel, travel, TRAVEL!). And then I feel like I'm wasting time deciding when I should be just doing. It's all so very confusing and annoying.

Music is also inspring. So very inspiring. 

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